Minor in Social Justice

Preparation to Live & Work in an Increasingly Diverse Society

The study of social justice helps students understand how gender, race, ethnicity, social class, religion, sexuality and other differences interact to create social division and conflict and, in turn, how we might better work to resolve conflicts as actively and intentionally engaged members of society.

Goals of the Minor

  1. Explore social justice and the way gender, race and ethnicity, social class and sexuality intersect
  2. Enable students to recognize and strengthen the relationship between theory and practice as it relates to social and community change
  3. Help students critique traditional disciplinary knowledge and analytical skills for understanding how knowledge is grounded in human experience.
  4. Further college and societal goals of diversity and their relationship to society
  5. Meet societal needs for building civility and respect between social groups

The minor in social justice, housed in the Department of History, Culture and Society, is an interdisciplinary program that helps students understand the catalysts, foundations and possible solutions to systemic injustices in society. The minor requires basic theoretical grounding as well as hands-on experience in the field. Requirements for the minor include two core courses, three electives, and a field experience course and are listed in the current catalog.


Jacob Bucher

Jacob Bucher - 8475

Dean of the School of Professional & Graduate Studies
B.A. Baker University, M.A. University of Memphis, M.A. Emory University, Ph.D. Emory University
Office: Overland Park Campus

Timothy Buzzell - 4598

Professor of Sociology
B.A., M.P.A. Drake University; Ph.D. Iowa State University
Expertise: computer crime and Internet deviance, sociology of ritual and holidays, political sociology and extremist groups
Office: Parmenter Hall 16

Susan Emel - 8457

Professor of Communication Studies, Ernestine Susannah Buckley Chair, Director of BU Speech Choir, Chair of the Dept. of History, Culture & Society
B.S. Kansas State University, M. Div. St. Paul School of Theology, Ph.D. University of Kansas
Expertise: interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, communication theory, rhetorical studies
Office: Parmenter Hall 15