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Spanish Programs

The Department of Humanities offers a major and minor in Spanish. Those interested in the study of Spanish may also look into the following disciplines offered at Baker University’s Baldwin City undergraduate campus: Education, K-12 Spanish | English | French | German | International Business | International Studies

Major in Spanish

Students majoring in Spanish earn the Bachelor of Arts degree. Students who wish to earn a major in Spanish must successfully complete a minimum of 27 semester hours at the 204 level or above (at least 15 hours must be upper college). Students who are placed into the 300 level or above must complete 24 semester hours at the 300 level or above (at least 15 hours must be upper college).

Courses must include the following:

  • SP 305 Spanish Composition in Cultural Context
  • SP 306 Spanish Conversation in Cultural Context
  • SP 343 Civilization and Culture of Spain or SP 344 Civilization and Culture of Latin America
  • SP 360 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  • Twelve additional semester hours in Spanish
  • An approved Study Abroad experience
  • One 400-level course in which the Senior Project is completed

An internship abroad approved ahead of time by the department chair may be awarded up to 3 hours of elective credit toward a major in Spanish.

Supporting Coursework

Students majoring in Spanish must also successfully complete a 12-hour minor area of concentration in a discipline of the student’s choice. A second world language at the 204 level or above is suggested.

Minor in Spanish

Students wishing to obtain a minor in Spanish must successfully complete a minimum of 12 semester hours in Spanish at the 204 level or above. At least 3 of the semester hours must be at the upper-college level.

This program information has been taken from the current College of Arts and Sciences catalog. This information is subject to change and is updated with each academic year.