Spanish Student Experience

Baker Spanish students have a multitude of opportunities for involvement in and out of the classroom. Small class sizes allow you maximum interaction with classmates and professors, which provides vital experiences to use the language as you learn. Spanish students also participate in many activities beyond the classroom.

Study Abroad

As part of the Spanish major, you are required to spend part of an academic year or summer taking part in a study-abroad program. Immersion in a Spanish-speaking country is a vital part of your linguistic development and understanding of the culture, providing first-hand insight into the language and culture you can’t gain from a textbook. Learn about study abroad opportunities to Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanish Table

Each Wednesday during the academic year, Spanish-speaking students and faculty are invited to gather at “la mesa española” in the university dining hall to eat and speak Spanish. Recognizing that practice is essential in acquiring fluency in a world language, students at all levels are encouraged to take part in the casual conversation, allowing you to gain knowledge through listening and conversing in Spanish. For those without meal plans, lunch is provided by the Department of Humanities.

Spanish Film Series

Each semester, the Department of Humanities presents series of international films. At least one film in each language offered at Baker—French, German, Spanish—is shown per semester. Spanish-language films are a way to explore the culture and language of the modern Spanish-speaking world.

Spanish Club


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International Education Week

Each November, the Department of Humanities and Office for International and Heritage Students hold a series of events to celebrate international diversity. Campuswide, the week features international cuisine served in the dining hall and events focused on international cultures.

Amity Interns

Every other year, the Spanish program hosts an Amity Intern from a Spanish-speaking nation. The Amity Intern lives and studies amid Baker students in addition to serving as a teaching assistant for Spanish courses and tutoring students of Spanish. Amity Interns provide students of world languages the opportunity to receive guidance from and speak with a native speaker, learn from a first-hand perspective about the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries, and make international connections right on Baker's Baldwin City campus.

The Vision

The Vision is a student-produced multilingual newsletter that features articles pertaining to international issues. Students are encouraged to contribute articles written in their language of study and English or to serve in an editorial capacity.

Alpha Mu Gamma

An honor society for students of world language, Alpha Mu Gamma is for students who have completed a minimum of two courses in a given language with the required grades. The members, officers and faculty advisers of Alpha Mu Gamma hold an induction ceremony each spring and hold activities throughout the year that promote cultural understanding and celebrate language and international diversity. You will be eligible for a number of scholarships and national or international activities through membership to Alpha Mu Gamma. Learn more about Alpha Mu Gamma.

Phi Beta Delta

An honor society for those who have excelled in international education, Phi Beta Delta is for students who have studied abroad or focused on international issues throughout their time at Baker. Phi Beta Delta holds an induction ceremony each spring. In addition, Phi Beta Delta is active in promoting international education and awards the Eliot S. Berkley Prize in International Studies. Learn more about Phi Beta Delta.

Sigma Delta Pi

An honor society for students of Spanish, Sigma Delta Pi is for students pursuing a major or minor in Spanish who have received grades high enough in the field for eligibility. Each spring, a new class of initiates is inducted into the organization. Learn more about Sigma Delta Pi.