Sports Administration Programs

The Department of Business and Economics offers a major in sports administration. Students earn a minor in business upon completion of the degree and may also complete a concentration in coaching. Students interested in the study of sports administration may also look into the following disciplines offered at Baker University’s Baldwin City undergraduate campus:

Business | Exercise ScienceHealth & Physical Education (Teacher Licensure)

Major in Sports Administration

All students majoring in sports administration must successfully complete the following courses (48 semester hours):

  • AC 141 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • AC 142 Managerial Accounting
  • BS 141 Introduction to Business
  • EC 242 Principles of Economics: Micro
  • EC 340 Economics of Sports
  • MA 221 Statistics I
  • MM 260 Public Relations
  • MM 325 Advertising
  • SA 141 Introduction to Sports Administration
  • SA 335 Facility and Event Management
  • SA 340 Sports Leadership
  • SA 351 The Law of Sports
  • SA 385 Sports Marketing
  • SA 388 Sports Management
  • SA 390 Sports Administration Internship
  • SA 496 Senior Seminar in Sports Administration

This program information has been taken from the current College of Arts and Sciences catalog. This information is subject to change and is updated with each academic year.