Accident, Serious Injury or Illness


Emergency involving sickness, allergic reaction or injury. Immediate concern is to aid sick or injured person(s).


  1. In case of serious accident, injury or illness, call 911 immediately.
  2. Report non-emergency situations to the health center, 785.594.8409 during normal working hours (8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday).
  3. Call Campus Safety immediately at 785.594.8430.
  4. Personal safety is your first priority. Use protective equipment when in contact with blood or other bodily fluids. Latex gloves are in all first aid kits.
  5. The injured or ill person is to be moved or transported ONLY if there is imminent danger. Until qualified personnel arrive on the scene, you may want to notify the director of student health services if you need immediate help. Remain calm and provide assistance to the best of your abilities or begin first aid if qualified.
  6. After the emergency situation is handled, follow these steps:
    • Call the Health Center, 785.594.8409, and give a verbal report if the Health Center has not been involved.
    • Call Human Resources, 785.594.8362, and give a verbal report if the injured or ill person is a Baker employee.
    • Call 0 for the operator if there is a blood or bodily-fluid spill that needs to be cleaned.
    • Confidentiality of those involved should be maintained.
  7. Contact your supervisor, chairperson or the vice president of your area. The command center team will determine a further plan of action.
  8. If approached by the media, please refer them to the public relations director, 785.594.8330. Do not make any other statements. Especially do not say “no comment.” It is okay to tell the media, “I do not have that information right now. Please give me your number and your call will be returned.”
  9. First aid kits are located in each building on campus:
    • Bennett Art Building: Front entry office
    • Case Hall: Room 205
    • Collins Gym: Room 157
    • Collins Library: Room 203
    • Collins Library: Quayle Bible Collection
    • Constant Hall: Room 5 (mail room)
    • Constant Hall: President’s office (main level)
    • Harter Union: Room 21 (cafeteria)
    • Harter Union: Room 37 (Student Affairs)
    • Health Center: Main office
    • Mabee Gym: Room 107 (fitness center)
    • Mabee Hall: Room 109 (weight room)
    • Mabee Hall: Room 207 (2nd floor south)
    • Old Castle: First-floor office
    • Osborne Chapel: Lower level
    • Parmenter Hall: Admissions and visitors center
    • Physical Plant: Office of the director
    • Pulliam Hall: Room 206
    • Mulvane Science Building: Room 260
    • Rice Auditorium: Main office