An uncontrollable flow of water in a campus area or building that could be the result of a flash flood or a water main break


  1. In all cases, evacuate the area of the flooding. Do not use elevators. See Building Evacuation Locations page.
  2. Do not touch electrical switches or electrical devices, including computers, in the area of the flooding. Do not make phone calls, including cell phones, while standing in wet areas.
  3. In all circumstances, do not attempt to walk through the water, unless there is no other means to evacuate the area.
  4. If there are people injured or in need of rescue, call 911 immediately. Do not use a phone in the location of the flooding.
  5. Assist people with disabilities to the nearest stairwell or the closest exit. If able, assist them in exiting the building and gathering in the outside location. If you are not able to help the people with disabilities exit the building, exit yourself and notify Campus Safety, the police or fire department of their location.
  6. Call Campus Safety immediately: 785.594.8430.
  7. Contact the physical plant department as soon as possible. Do not use a phone in the location of the flooding. If during normal work hours, 8 a.m.—4:30 p.m., Monday—Friday, call 0 for the operator. If no answer or at times outside normal working hours, call Public Safety at 785.594.8430.
  8. The Command Center Team will determine a further plan of action. Contact your supervisor or chairperson or the vice president of your area.
  9. If approached by the media, please refer them to the public relations director, 785.594.8330. Do not make other statements. Especially do not say “no comment.” It is okay to tell the media, “I do not have that information right now. Please give me your number and your call will be returned."