Hazardous Materials | Shelter in Place


Community hazardous materials incident where air quality is threatened


If Baker University receives information or is notified by local authorities of an emergency in which hazardous materials are released in the atmosphere and air quality is threatened, we will follow this shelter-in-place protocol.

  1. Occupants of all campus buildings are to gather in each building in the designated emergency zone location as listed below. The assigned first responder for each building will direct activities and will be in contact with the command center team.
    • Bennett Art Building: Kiln room
    • Case Hall: Lower level, Language and Literature office
    • Chapel: Minister’s office
    • Collins Center: Gymnasium
    • Constant Hall: Lower level, west end
    • Harter Union: Cafeteria
    • Health Center: Reception area
    • Library: Circulation desk, second floor
    • Mabee Hall: Athletic office, second floor
    • Mulvane: Second-floor landing
    • Owens Music Building: Rice Auditorium
    • Parmenter: Lower level, Admissions office
    • Physical Plant: Breakroom
    • Pulliam: Main floor
    • Gessner: Main floor
    • New Living Center: Main floor
    • Irwin: Main floor
    • Apartments: Main floor of Living Learning Center
  2. When directed by the building first responder, occupants will be advised to cover their mouths and noses as they are led to the following shelter-in-place locations:
    • Bennett Art Building: Collins Center Gymnasium
    • Case Hall: Library, Rooms 104, 115
    • Chapel: Collins Center Gymnasium
    • Collins Center: Gymnasium
    • Constant Hall: Library, Rooms 104, 115
    • Harter Union: Rice Auditorium
    • Health Center: Collins Center Gymnasium
    • Library: Rooms 104, 115
    • Mabee Hall: Collins Center Gymnasium
    • Mulvane: Rice Auditorium
    • Owens Music Building: Rice Auditorium
    • Parmenter: Rice Auditorium
    • Physical Plant: Collins Center Gymnasium
    • Pulliam: Rice Auditorium
  3. If able, assist people with disabilities to the shelter-in-place locations. If you are not able and assistance is needed, call Campus Safety immediately at 785.594.8430.
  4. At the shelter-in-place locations, the first responder teams will be in charge of directing activities to provide for the safety of all occupants. Some of the following precautions may be taken:
    • All doors and windows will be closed and locked.
    • All blinds and curtains will be closed.
    • All fans, heating and air-conditioning systems will be turned off.
  5. Contact with radio emergency alert stations (EAS) will be available, and the instructions and recommendations as given by local fire and law enforcement authorities will be strictly followed.
  6. Contact your supervisor or chairperson or the vice president of your area. The command center team will determine a further plan of action.
  7. If approached by the media, please refer them to the public relations director, 785.594.8330. Do not make other statements. Especially do not say “no comment.” It is okay to tell the media, “I do not have that information right now. Please give me your number and your call will be returned."