Good News About Baker Biology Majors

Alumni News

Dr. Chris Cink was honored with the Teaching Excellence award at Waynesburg College in Pennsylvania where he serves as chair of the biology department.  Chris earned his undergraduate degree here at BU and his Ph.D. at the University of Nebraska.  Congratulations Chris!

Class of 2008

Sarah Romereim has been accepted into  Ph.D. programs in biology at Carnegie-Mellon, Northwestern and U. of Chicago.  She will attend the program at Northwestern in the fall of 2008. 

Class of 2006

Shannon Moore is currently working at Heritage Labs.  Heritage Labs runs tests on urine, oral swabs, and blood for health insurance agencies across the United States.  In the fall of 2008 she will begin a graduate program at the University of Kansas.

Marlena Richardson is working as a QA/QC chemist for a pharmaceutical company.  She is also planning her wedding!

Mikah Sampson is working in a cytogenetics lab at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City - and she is getting lots of exercise keeping up with her wonderful son, Malcolm (who is the cutest little guy - check out Mikah's facebook photos!). 

Jessica Wessel  send email on December 27, 2007 to share with me that she just published her first paper!   Jessica works at the Stowers Institute in Kansas City, Missouri in a laboratory that is interested in telomeres - particularly the role(s) they might play in aging and in the development of cancer.  Yeah Jess! To find her paper follow this url (Jessica is published with her soon to be married name Jessica Box).  Oh yes - congrats on your engagement to both you and Andy!

Class of 2005

Jessica Brown has moved to Dallas Texas where she is a Ph.D. student at Southwestern University Medical School.  Jessica started her first rotations in the summer of 2005. She writes that she is working with Drosophila right now and has learned to dissect out their ovaries.  She also admits that she forgot to put the ethidium bromide in the her gel one time!  OH NO - Luke, Trevor and Evan are rubbing off! Smile!

Evan Durnal spent the summer of 2005 working at MRI in the chemical sciences division. He loved it and they obviously were impressed with him as he just got a full-time job!

Stephanie Stotts was accepted into a master's program in Natural Resource Management at Delaware State University for the fall of 2005. 

Class of 2004

Trisha Hoover Nichols is a researcher at the Stowers Institute in Kansas City, Missouri.  For a brief time in 2005 she was in Boston helping to move a laboratory to the KC site.  Trisha married Chance Nichols, a fellow Baker graduate, in July of 2006.

Jon Humiston recently published an article with his colleagues from the Scripps institute.  The title of the paper is "Discovery of AICAR Tfase inhibitors that disrupt requisite enzyme dimerization". The article was published in the journal Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, volume 15, pages 2840-2844 in April 2005. Jon is now working on his masters to become at PA at Wichita State University.

Jason Patty is working with Dr. Boyd as a research intern on the Wetlands. 

Matt Sexson is in a master's degree program at Ft. Hayes State University.

Class of 2003

Molly Humphries completed her masters degree in environmental science at Emporia State University. Currently she is working for Burns and McDonnell Engineering, Inc. as an environmental scientist.  Molly is a consultant for utility companies, helping them to avoid environmental problems as they put in power lines. Her job takes her all over the country - recently to North Carolina and to Maine. 

Alisha Russell has been accepted into the doctoral program at Vanderbilt University.  This offer comes with a stipend of $20,500/year. 

Class of 2002

Nick Blanchat is working for North Central Scientific Instruments as a sales representative. 

Jill Boettcher Lloyd received several job offers from scientists at both KU Medical Center and Children’s Mercy Hospital to join their laboratories.  She worked at KU Med Center for a year and then she returned to school to earn her teaching certificate.  She is now teaching high school biology at Mill Valley High School in the DeSoto district.

 Angella Borum  worked as a project coordinator at Pace Analytical Services Inc. in Lenexa for a few years following graduation.  She has now returned to school to earn her BSN so that she can become a transplant coordinator.

Dr. David Buckley (Biology/Chemistry double major) successfully defended his Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences at KU-Medical School. Dr. Buckley's research project centered around ABC transporters.  COOL STUFF! David came and gave a talk for my Genetics Class in the fall of 2003.  Thanks David!

Evan Ferrante is working at DST systems as a corporate securities representative.

As of the fall 2004 Susan McIlvain is a  student in the Cytotechnology Program at the University of Kansas Medical Center.  This program is limited to only four students! Congratulations to Susan on admission to this program.

Aryne McQueen is working as a technician at Abrika in Florida.  She is also taking classes and volunteering with a veterinarian that specializes in marine life. Recently she got to watch/aid with a surgery on a turtle – her favorite critter!

Diana Sylvester Keiling and her husband Jeremy are living in San Francisco where Diana is working in patient care.  She is also going back to school as she works towards earning a masters degree as a physicians assistant.

Julie Vosilus is working for the Food and Drug Administration in Kansas City.

Classes Prior to 2002

Brant Brittingham is teaching 7th and 8th grade science and coaching.

Tricia Hearn Enright just completed a Master of Science degree in the Department of Molecular Biosciences at the University of Kansas. She has a new job at Quintiles in Kansas City and a new husband, Bo Enright.  Tricia an Bo now have a son!

Jenny Lange is working as a research biologist.

Graham Rees is teaching Biology and Physical Science at Uniontown High School.

Tim Woodcock works at Midwest Research Institute.

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