Hi! Welcome to my Homepage.

Here are some of the events of my life so far:

I was born in Kansas City, Kansas on October 11th to great parents - Bob and Marian Russell. A couple of years later they gave me the best present - a sister - Denise.

During my childhood we moved from Kansas City, to Eureka, Kansas and finally to Leavenworth, Kansas. At 17 I graduated from Leavenworth High School and chose to do my undergraduate work at Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansas. This was a great choice for me; I formed many friendships and I made a decision about the direction I wanted my career to take. Though I became passionate about both viruses and Jane Austen at Baker, I decided to major in the science and enjoy the literature on the side.

With my B.S. in biology under my belt I went to Kansas State University for graduate school where I had the supreme good fortune to work with Dr. Richard A. Consigli. My dissertation concerned the biochemistry of the virus that infects the Indian Meal Moth (Plodia interpunctella - the bane of the wheat farmers life). The big goal in studying this virus is to determine whether or not it is a good candidate for use as a biological pesticide specifically targeted to this species. In addition to my dissertation I published three papers during this time. They are:

Next I decided to see more of the world, so with my freshly minted Ph.D. in Virology I went to North Carolina where again I was blessed with a good mentor, Dr. Robert E. Johnston, and a wonderful colleague, Dr. Nancy L. Davis. From them I learned many of the techniques of molecular biology and a great deal about Sindbis virus - an encephalomyelitis virus. I also learned to love the Atlantic ocean. I've published some more papers in collaboration with these folks. They are:

I could have stayed there forever, but my bank account needed help - so I actually got a job! I became an Assistant professor of Biology at Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia - a beautiful place and an excellent academy. Here I learned to teach, I made lifetime friends and I fell in love with mountains - the Blue Ridge kind. I had the joy of earning tenure at W&L, but the woman from the prairie started to feel homesick after a dozen years on the east coast so ....

...now I'm back at my academic birth place - teaching at Baker University and sharing my life with my family. When I am not at work you'll most likely find me making quilts, hiking, reading, or watching basketball (my favorite teams are the Baker Wildcats, the KU Jayhawks, and the teams my two nephews play on!)

I hope you enjoy the web sites I've shared with you. I still have a passion for viruses and Jane Austen, but the first love of my life is the Holy Trinity - May God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit bless you ever.


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