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Dr. Ran Sivron

Contact Information:

2726 Maverick Lane

Lawrence, KS 66046

Cellphone: (785) 979-4270

Email: rsivron@gmail.com

Web: Web: www.bakeru.edu/faculty/rsivron




A position where my analytical skills (problem solving, model building, ability to explain complex ideas, ability to learn quickly) and organizing skills help facilitate innovations and progress.




Have 22 years experience in the fields of physics and technology. Expert in solving science and technology problems, and teaching how to solve such problems. Successful in professional and creative writing.  Successful as a process engineer in photolithography.  I have worked with very creative people in my job as the director of a Summer Science Program (SSP) in California the past four years. I am yearning to interact with creative people doing practical work full time. Being in my 40’s and in excellent shape I feel this is an excellent time for me to make that switch. I am looking for a stable position in the Kansas City area. I had to move several times since my wife became ill, due to her health. She passed away in 2004 and I lived in Lawrence since 2003.


Current Job (August 2003 to date)  Associate Professor of Physics, Baker University (www.bakeru.edu/faculty/rsivron)

Responsibilities include: Managing the pre-engineering program and the physics program, teaching physics, advising physics, computer science and pre-engineering students, developing curriculum, building up labs. Conducting research in physics. Writing a column “The Handy astronomer” for local distribution.

Major Achievements: Bringing a program with no students or labs to respectability. Increasing enrollment and quality of teaching and learning in the physics and pre-engineering programs.


Summer Job (June – August, 2004 – 2010)                       

Academic Director, SSP Ojai, CA and Socorro, NM (www.summerscience.org), The most prestigious Astronomy Program for gifted high school students from around the world. Responsibilities include: organizing, scheduling, teaching, administering and running the program, evaluating applicants, participating in writing a textbook, mentoring and working with students post-program..

Major Achievements: Got 85% of students from program accepted to Caltech, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley and Ivy-league schools, with help from our program. Grew the program and increased its technological and pedagogical levels.


Previous Physics Jobs, July 1995- June 2003

Physics Assistant Professor jobs: Montana State University (MSU, 1995-1996), Grand Valley State University (GVSU, 1996-1999), Bucknell University (1999-2001) and Hastings University (2001-2003). Responsibilities included: Teaching classes, advising students, managing labs and observatories, webmaster for physics department and head of outreach program (GVSU).


Previous Engineering Job, April 1987 – July 1988

Physicist and process engineer, Photolithography Department, National Semiconductor Inc. (NSCI), Israel branch, Migdal Ha'emek, Israel, April1987 -  July 1988.



Ph.D., Physics, MSU, April 1995, “Understanding High Temperature Processes near Black Holes in Active Galaxies using Observational Data from X-ray Satellites”

BA, Cum Laude, Physics, Technion, Haifa, Israel, April 1987.


  • The American Physical Society (APS), 1990-Present.
  • The American Astronomical Society (AAS), 1991-Present. The AAS HEAD division, 1994-present.
  • American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), 1998 – 2003, 2007-present.


  • Sivron, R. 2007, “And now-equations!” in BAAS 209, 128.03.
  • Sivron, R. & Tsuruta, S. 2002, "General Relativistic Effects on Emission from Outflows." in: "Mass Outflow in AGN: New Perspectives." Eds. D.M. Crenshaw, S.B. Kraemer & I.M.George, Astr. Soc. Pacific Conf. Series Vol 255.
  • John Weber, Nicole Heller, Mike Pope, Ray Donelick, Ran Sivron, "Jurassic (183 +/- 13 Ma) Apatite Fission Track Age for the Kentland, Indiana Event," submitted to "Geological Society of America," in review.
  • Sivron, R., 1998, "Self-organized criticality in compact sources", The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 503, L57.
  •  “Self organized criticality in compact plasmas”, Spring 2007, Kansas University. Host: Prof. Hume Feldman.
  • “Summer Science Program – How the Most Successful Summer Program for young Scientists Works with Astronomy”, September 27, 2005, Seminar in astrophysics at Kansas University: Host: Prof. Mikhail Medvedev.
  • “General Relativistic Effects on Line Emission from Outflows in Active Galactic Nuclei”. November 18, 2003, Seminar in astrophysics at Kansas University, Host: Prof. Adrian Mellot.
  • “Is There Anybody Out There?” September 28, 2002, Hastings Sachtleben Obseravtory, oral presentation as a part of parents weekend.
  • “When you wish upon a star”, Feb 16, 2002, a special Valentine Day program for the general public.



  • Writing and Development: Successful writing and editing of research papers, grant proposals, curriculum development, chapters of textbook, creative writing of SF stories and poems.
  • Managerial skills: Successfully managed small outfits such as SSP, Physics program, pre-engineering program, NASA IDEA project (Michigan 1997-8), observatories.
  • Expert in simplifying complicated concepts in physics and technology and effectively explaining modern physics, math, electronics and astronomy (orally and in writing).
  • Worked with computer operating systems: unix, linux, dos, VMS, windows, Mac OS on platforms such as PCs, workstations, and minicomputers using a  large variety of  applications & programming languages such as Fortran, Python, and C. Analyzed data from X-ray satellites using NASA software such as XSPEC and XANADU.
  • Fluent in English and Hebrew




Widower + 1 daughter

Hobbies: Tennis, Basketball, Soccer, Trumpet, Music, Literature.