Ran Sivron
Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy
Coordinator of the Pre-Engineering Program















Contact Information:
Ran Sivron,
Associate Professor in Physics
Coordinator of the Pre-Engineering Program
Baker University, Physics Department
Mulvane Science Hall
Phone: (785) 979-4270

Research & Teaching Interests
       I love science. Astronomy and physics are my passion. (I admit to flings with earth science, computer science, biology, chemistry and off course literature, philosophy and poetry.) I want to do as much science as I possibly can through scholarship, outreach, and teaching. I also work as the academic director of a program called "The Summer Science Program" in Ojai, California. That is the oldest, and best, summer program for astronomy in the country. Check it out!

My research interests in:


  • Black Hole Candidates: I want to know what makes quasars and black hole `tick,' and what use we may find for the physics of matter near black hole candidates.  I am trying to apply that knowledge to the study of high temperature plasmas and  shock waves in plasmas.
  • Non-linear Dynamics in Astrophysics: The above systems are perfect labs for studying non-linear dynamical systems in astrophysics. Non-linear dynamics and time series analysis may be referred to as the quantitative study of how things tick.
  • Cosmology: I am working on a back - reaction model of post-recombination cosmology that will explain the recently observed apparent acceleration of the universe. Again, non-linear dynamics plays a role. For more on my research click here.

Physics and Physics Related:

  •  Physics of Shatter Cones: Recently I started to work with Prof. John Weber and his Earth & Space science students, on trying to understand shatter cones in ancient impact craters. This project combines knowledge of shocks and elasticity with John's expert knowledge of geology. Its a fun project!
  •  Physics Education: I also wants to know what makes science students `tick', so I do physics and astronomy education research. I developed new methods of teaching, and  alternative explanations to many "rules of thumb" in physics.

The NASA IDEA project: Mars for middle school classes.
Outreach throught the bucknell observatory (Interim director, Fall 1999)
Summer Science Program Academic Director (04) / Associate Director (05), Academic Director (06), Academic Director (07)

I taught over 1000 students in the last nine years. For classes with current web pages click here.
 For more on my teaching click here.

Papers, CV, Etc.

  Upcoming Paper on Acceleration of a 2nd Order Clumping Universe (APS meeting Talk FB10-08).

  For my paper on self organized criticality in compact accreting sources click here.

  "Rules of Thumb" Explanations (Including a relativistic explanation of Lenz's law).

  Click Here for my Curriculum Vitae

  Click here for a short SF story I wrote ; or another story I wrote; or an extra-short dark humor one I wrote; Also a poem I wrote

  Click Here for my Teaching Experience & Teaching Philosophy

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  • PC 226 General Physics II
  • PC340 Astrophysics






I am a widower with one daughter, 17 year old.




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