Syllabus NS211 The Natural Sciences I

Fall Semester 2003 (Pilot)


Professors: Ran Sivron, Ph.D. and Darcy Russell, Ph.D.

Offices: Mulvane Science Hall 203 (Sivron) and Mulvane Science Hall 240 (Russell)

Phones: x501 (Sivron) and x418 (Russell)

Text: Trefil, James and Robert M. Hazen. 2001. The Sciences: An Integrated Approach. 3rd Edition. John Wiley and Sons, Inc. New York, N.Y.

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NS211 - The Natural Sciences I - 3 hrs. This course is an introduction to the natural sciences (physics, chemistry, geology and biology) for non-science majors. The course emphasizes the interdependence of each of these disciplines on the others and their relationship of science to society. Although NS211 will focus primarily on the physical sciences (physics and chemistry) numerous applications of the major principles to geology and biology will be given. Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of the mathematics proficiency (MA142 or MA145 or MA221)






Academic Integrity:

The members of the science division at Baker University expect the students enrolling in courses in our departments to act with integrity. To us this means that you are present if at all possible when the class meets. It also means that you are carrying out the assignments that you are given.  It implies that you are doing your own work on assignments and tests.  And finally, it means that all your papers are adequately cited to avoid plagiarizing the ideas of another person or group. Many of your future careers are absolutely dependent on honesty. Why should we ask someone to accept your suggestions as valid, or to put their very lives in your hands if you don't have the integrity to do your own work in this course?  Failure to meet this expectation could result in failure of this course. See Baker University's Student Handbook for more details about violations of academic honor.


Any student who feels he or she may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact us privately to discuss his or her specific needs. Please contact Annette Pierce, Coordinator of Disability Resources, at ext. 352 in the Library to coordinate reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities.


Exams 350 points

In class activities 100

Group projects 100

On-line participation 100

Extra credit 50


Total 650 Points


Brief Schedule:


Dates: Topic: Professor:

Aug. 25-29 Science: A Way of Knowing Russell

Sept. 2-5 The Ordered Universe Sivron

Sept. 8-12 Dynamical and Static Forces Sivron

Sept 15-19 Energy Sivron

Sept. 22 Exam #1 Chapters 1-4 (100 pts) Russell/Sivron

Sept. 24-29 Heat and the Second Law of Thermo Sivron

Oct. 1-8 Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation Sivron

Oct. 9-12 FALL BREAK

Oct. 13-17 Albert Einstein and Relativity Sivron

Oct. 20 Exam #2 Chapters 5-7 (75 pts) Sivron

Oct. 22-27 The Atom and Quantum Theory Sivron

Oct. 29-Nov. 3 The Infinitely Small(?): Elementary Particles Sivron

Nov. 5-10 Atoms in Combination: The Chemical Bond Russell

Nov. 12 Exam #3 Chapters 8,10 & 12 (75 pts) Russell/Sivron

Nov. 14-19 The Earth and Other Planets Sivron

Nov. 21-24 The Stars Sivron

Dec. 1-3 The Infinitely Large(?): Cosmology Sivron

Dec 10, 1-3p.m Exam #4 Chapters 14-16 (100 pts) Sivron