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Genealogical Resources

Table of Contents

Heritage Quest

The collection consists of six core data sets: U.S. Federal Censuses (1790-1930), genealogy and local history book collection, Periodical Source Index (PERSI, 1800-present), U.S. Revolutionary War records, Freedman’s Bank Records (1865–1874), and LexisNexis U.S. Serial Set records the memorials, petitions, private relief actions made to the U.S. Congress (1789-present).

War Records

Immigration Records

State Resources: AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NE, NV, NH, NJ, NM, NY, NC, ND, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WI, WY

 War Records



 Immigration Records



State Government Resources












  • Arkansas History Commission - Guide to Research
    Provides a useful guide to the resources of the Arkansas History Commission. Includes how to research census records, newspapers, state government records, land records (indexed), county records (indexed), military records (index to confederate pension and home records), church/synagogue records, and cemetery records (list of African American funeral home records).






  • Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration - Indexes
    Further indexes available to probate records, marriage and divorce records, military records, pension records, "mother compensation records", "poor records", and other unique records.
  • Colorado State Archives - Family History Page
    This site provides links to a variety of state online indexes to resources such as the 1870 state census, military grave site information, penitentiary records, etc. Additional online resources and indexes can be found through the green tabs on the left hand side.
  • Colorado State Archives - Index to Records
    The Colorado State Archives is making an index to its records freely available online. So far the index includes over 1 million listings from a variety of resources.






  • Delaware State Archives
    In addition to guides on finding revolution war, civil war, and census records; this site provides two searchable indexes, one to probate records, the other to naturalization records.










  • Hawaii State Archives - Digital Collections
    Online indexes to marriages, divorces, probates, wills, and citizenship records from 1826-1929. Online index of passenger manifests from 1843-1900. Digital reproductions of World War I Service Records.




  • Idaho State Library & Archives - Genealogy Guide
    A collection of genealogical resources, including census files, civil war veteran files, penitentiary inmate files, naturalization records, mother's pension records, old age pension records.
  • Idaho State Digital Archives - Digital Archives Home
    A searchable database of 10 indexes from public archives holdings, including naturalization, old age and mothers' pension records; Alturas County mining claims; Idaho State Guard, Civil War and Soldiers' Home indexes; Nez Perce County district court; Washington County district court; and Owyhee County probate court."




  • Illinois State Archives - Databases
    Includes databases to servitude and emancipation records and veteran documents (war of 1812, Winnebago War, Black Hawk War, Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish American War, etc.). Also provides indexes of marriage and death records. Finally the site provides useful links to university holdings in the state.
  • Illinois State Archives - Guides
    Provides a number of websites and pamphlets to help genealogists begin their research with the Illinois State Archives.









  • Kansas Historical Society -Genealogist Resources
    Includes an overview of how to start genealogical research and general overviews on what type of resources are available through state government. Some of these overview sections include links to indexes or online records. Among the topics covered are vital records, newspapers, directories, census records, military records, and land records. An addition list of other state resources and broader web links are available.




  • Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives - Family Research
    Lays out when vital records started to be kept and by what agency they were kept by. In addition to Vital Records, the department lays out other resources that are available, including military records, court records, and property records. Patrons can either request the archivists to conduct a specific search or order a cd of the many of these types of records. However, both requests require a fee. A listing of other KY organizations is provided in the left column.



  • Louisiana State Archives - Research Library Forms
    Provides a number of mail in forms that can be used to get copies of documents from the state archives, including vital records, confederate pension applications, or general genealogical searches. Each form requires a fee to be paid.
  • Louisiana State Archives - Research Library Tools
    The side navigation of this page includes links to a index of passenger manifests for January-July 1851 (the other manifests are available on site at the archives), Civil War Pension Application Database, and Vital Records. The vital records section includes databases that search death records for the state (including visual images of early 20th century death records), Orleans Parish Birth Records from the 19th century, and Orleans Parish Marriage Records from the late 19th century and early 20th century.




  • Maine State Archives - Overview
    Provides a general overview of vital records, census schedules, military records, judicial records, and legislative records that might be useful in your research.
  • Maine State Archives - Databases and Indexes
    Includes a database of death records (1960-1996), marriage records (1892-1967,1976-1996), divorce index (1800-1891), civil war navy records, Mexican war records, war of 1812 veteran records, and revolutionary war land grant and pension applications.




  • Maryland State Archives - Where To Start
    Explains how genealogists should start their research for Maryland documents. After a general overview, more detailed instructions are provided for court records, vital records, military records, probate records, land records, and naturalization & immigration records.
  • Archives of Maryland - Online Collections
    Provides access to digitized city directories, land records, military records, probate records, and slave records.




  • Massachusetts Archives - Online Indexes
    Two indexes have been digitized for online use, including: passenger manifests (1848-1891) and Vital Records (1841-1910).
  • Massachusetts Archives - Genealogists Research Guide
    Provides a basic overview of parts of the archival collection that might be useful for genealogists, including: vital records, passenger manifests, census records, military records, colonial records, judicial records (naturalization, divorces, probate, name changes, court cases), etc.







  • Minnesota Historical Society - Family History & Genealogy Research
    In addition to a few pages providing general guidance on stating your genealogical research, the state archive provides electronic access to a birth certificate index (some pre-1900 records, full 1900-1934), death certificate records (1904-2001), the Minnesota State Census Index (1865, 1875, 1885, 1895, 1905), and a Veteran Grave Index (only recording those buried in MN). Addition links to immigration records are provided.




  • Missouri State Archives - Research Room
    In addition to providing a general overview of the collection, this site provides links to electronic databases and indexes, including: Birth & Death Records (pre-1910), Death Records (1910-1958), Naturalization Records (1816-1955), war records, and judicial records.
  • Missouri State Archives -Family & Community History
    Provides an overview of the types of documents that are available at the Missouri State Archives. Databases for land records and military records (war of 1812 through WWI) are provided under the appropriate categories.









New Hampshire


New Jersey



New Mexico



New York



North Carolina


North Dakota


  • State Historical Society of North Dakota
    In addition to general guidance, the site provides links to the Public Death Index, North Dakota Biographical Index, Naturalization Records to 1955, and information on land records and vital records.












  • Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission - Genealogy
    A very basic overview of how to find genealogical information in Pennsylvania. A few detailed research aids include census records, county and municipal records, vital statistics, coal miners, prison records, indentured servants, and naturalization and immigration records.

Rhode Island


South Carolina


  • South Carolina Online Record Index
    A search engine that returns results from a set of indexes, including Confederate Pension Applications (1919-1938), Criminal Journals (1769-1776), Legislative Papers (1782-1866), State Land Grants (1784-1868), and Will Transcripts (1782-1855).
  • South Carolina State Archives - Genealogical Resources
    Research aids to inform the public of the types of documents available, as ways to access them in person or electronically.


South Dakota


  • South Dakota State Archives - For Genealogists
    A set of indexes and databases, including Naturalization Records, Cemetery Records, Civil War Veterans Census 1885, and a Biographical Index of South Dakotans. Also provides guides and additional links to external resources.







  • Texas State Library - Genealogy Resources
    In addition to government and non-government links, this page provides access to a number of electronic databases/indexes, including Confederate Pension Applications, General Service Records (1836-1935), Republic Claims, Confederate Indigent Families, Index to County Records, and Voters Registration 1867 Index.






  • Vermont State Archives
    Information and indexes for genealogists, including the Nye Index (18th-19th century state record index), vital records information, naturalization records, and military records







  • Washington State Archive
    A list of genealogical resources indexed or digitized through the Washington State Archive and Library

West Virginia