Company Information


Doing company research requires a multi-prong attack. It’s not only a straightforward financial analysis, but also includes a long list of management checklists. The following guide covers resources that will help you uncover how all kinds of companies function, whether they are public, private, or not-for-profit.

How to Find Company Information

Competitive Analysis Checklist

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Not-for-profit Companies

Industry Information


Building a picture of a company’s strategy would be incomplete without the knowledge of what is happening in its industry. The following guide pulls together sites and resources that will fill in how a company functions within its business community.

How to Find Industry Information

Emerging Technologies

Supply chain and value chain


As part of the strategic planning process, you will most likely have to undertake an internal analysis of a company’s value chain. Terms such as “supply chain”, “supply chain management” and “logistics” will play an important role in your research. The following guide will give you some direction to help you wade through the wide assortment of resources available to you.

Supply chain and value chain



Companies can live or die based on their marketing strategy. The following guide highlights sites and resources needed to understand an existing market and identify its critical components.

Conducting Marketing Research

Market Research Trends



Company performance is often measured by the foundations that have been assembled at the time an enterprise is established. The following guide serves an overview of the steps in the process and the areas that will need attention.

Writing a Business Plan

Electronic Commerce


What was once a fledgling idea has become the work horse of the internet era. Operational standards are now integrated to the point that it’s almost impossible to separate electronic commerce from the marketplace. The following guides pull together statistics and reports on e-commerce.

Electronic Commerce

E-Commerce Scholarly Journals

E-Commerce Consumer and Trade Publications

International Business


Globalization and the kinds of organizations a “borderless” business world requires is the new reality. The following guide describes many of the sites and resources needed to understand how companies thrive in a worldwide environment.

International Business - Companies

International Business - Country Data

International Business - Industries

Business Course Guides


The following guides have been created to support student research assignments in those particular classes. If you come across other classes that might benefit from following a guide, please let us know.

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