Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility -

Industries & Sectors


Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes
Corporate sustainability is a business approach to create shareholder value by looking at the opportunities and risks from economic, environmental, and social developments. This site provides profiles of 18 market sector leaders in each of those categories.

Global Exchange
The goal of this organization is to "democratize" the Global Economy. They run active campaigns against multinational corporations to hold them accountable for labor and the environment. They feature campaigns in several industries: automobile industry, apparel and garment manufacturing, coffee and cocoa production, etc.

Mines & Communities
A project of three British-based organizations. The initial site was designed to draw attention to the dozens of organizations that are concerned with the impacts of mineral extraction and processing. It features links to news of firms engaged in mining gems, minerals and metals.

Polaris Institute
Features profiles of corporations pushing for the privatization of public services. Many corporations are hoping to gain from the privatization and deregulation of health, education, prison, energy services, water services, postal services, welfare services, and many other sectors. These profiles provide snapshots of the economic, political, and social behavior of many of the corporations which continue to push for the privatization of services.