Conducting Marketing Research

Surveys and Opinion Polls

Opnion polls are conducted by a wide range of organizations and news media. Below, you will find not only books and Internet sites covering HOW to conduct a poll or survey, but also Resources to access some of those statistics.

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 Survey Methods

  1. Free web sites Princeton Survey Research Center
      This site is supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Provides links for researchers needing data and information on the "survey method applied to the study of social issues, consumer research, [and] policy analysis."
  2. Free web sites Survey Research Methods
      The American Statistical Association Section on Survey Research Methods provides free brochures called "What is a Survey?", "What are Focus Groups?", "More about Mail Surveys", and "What is a Margin of Error?". This web site is good for basic understanding for survey research methods.

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 Public Opinions

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The Gallup poll [electronic resource] : public opinion, 1935-1997 The Gallup poll [electronic resource] : public opinion, 1935-1997