Conducting Marketing Research

Trade Associations

Trade and Professional associations are often a useful way to find out what is happening in an industry. Often they will even supply statistics at no cost. Many associations have a Home Page on the Internet, where data can also be located from their site.

To identify the name and address of a trade association:

 Only for Baker studentsBusiness Insights Global

  • This database has access to the associations related to businesses that are found in the Encyclopedia of Associations. In order to search ONLY for associations, follow the directions below:

    1. Start by selecting Advanced Search.

2.  In the Search box, type any descriptive word that identifies the trade association you are searching.(Whether you are looking for a specific Association Name or just any association that has a particular word, this is the procedure to follow)


3.  Use the drop down arrow to highlight one of the three words under the term, Associations: if you want names of associations from other countries, highlight Countries, if you only have a descriptive word, highlight Description, and if you have the industry NAICS code, type the number in the search box, and then highlight NAICS.

4.  Select:Search

5.  Once the results page appears, select the View All link to see the entire list.