Emerging Technologies




There are always questions and much discussion regarding new innovations and technologies. Below, you will find a list of sites that may lead you to more news stories and ideas on this topic.

Once you have a product or service in mind, doing a search in one of the library's electronic databases will reap even more information.

1. Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Technology

2.  Entrepreneur Magazine: Hot Ideas

3.  CNN.Money.com
From the top bar, select: Tech, then select: Innovation

4. CNN.com: Technology

5. Discovery

6. IONS: Institute of Noetic Sciences

7. Forbes.com: Technology

8. Kansas City Star
In the search box, type: technology trends
If you find an article of interest, request it on
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LITA's (Library and Information Technology Association) Top Technology Trends
At each ALA MidWinter Conference, a group of LITA leaders who are acknowledged for their reputations and expertise in the library and information technology fields meets to hammer out what they believe to be top technology trends librarians should be watching.

10. Live Science

10. MIT Technology Review:
Browseable by Topic

11. MSNBC; Technology and Science

12. New York Times; Technology

13. PC Magazine.
Check under the "Reviews" tab.

14. Popular Science

15. Science

16. Techmeme
Techmeme identifies and links to technology-oriented news stories on the web highlighted by members of the Techmeme community.

17. ThomasNet Industrial News Room
The ThomasNet Industrial Newsroom provides news and directory-related information on industrial products. The information on this site is largely derived from new product news releases from manufacturers. Includes "industrial market trends."