How to Find Industry Information


Reports and Surveys

Industry information is complex and it sometimes can be difficult to find. It includes analysis of past trends and forecasts for the future. Because of the varied types of sources, it is important to use a multipronged strategy to find industry information.

The industry overview sources are extremely helpful for providing a snapshot of the industry. If you can't locate a particular industry, you may have better luck using trade periodicals. See News and Trade Periodicals.

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  • Only for Baker students Business Insights Global
        Contains detailed essays from
    Gale's Encyclopedia of American Industries, Encyclopedia of Global Industries,
    Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries.
        Additional market research reports on most industries from
    Datamonitor International.

    1. Start by typing your industry in the main search box.


    2. When the results appear, scroll down to Industry Profiles.
    3. You can select View All to see more listings.

    4. Scroll down and to the left to see more industry options.

  • Only for Baker students Business Source Premier - Business Searching Interface
  • Business Source Premier provides an enhanced interface that makes it easier to locate industry reports. It offers 1,800 quality full text industry profiles (reports) from three different content providers. DataMonitor furnishes 1,600+ profiles, averaging 10-12 pages in length. Another 22 Industry almanacs are included from Plunkett Research, and more than 100 industry yearbooks from Global Insight.

1. In the Browse area, select: Industry Profiles.

2. In the Publications screen, type any word that describes your industry. For example, "airlines".

3. As an alternative, you can search for a preselected industry. Select the industry tab and scroll down to the industry you are searching.



Four methods to find Industry information in Lexis/Nexis

Method #1

  • Only for Baker studentsLexis Nexis Academic
      In this section of Lexis/Nexis, you will find lists of companies doing business within the same SIC industry code. Companies are listed by Net Sales, but also include total assets, total liabilities, cost of goods, and net income.
    Integra Industry reports provide an overall industry balance sheet that includes an industry income statement along with industry ratios.

    1. Start in the Company Dossier form.
    2. Type the name of your company and select:Find


3.  Select your company from the list that appears in the next screen.
4. From the Snapshot screen, scroll down to Industry Classification and select the link for your company's SIC Code.


5. The new screen will list companies doing business in the same SIC Code, along with a link to the Integra Reports



Method #2

Only for Baker students LexisNexis Academic
             In this method, you will be able to locate a list of companies within the industry organized by net sales.

1. Start in the Company Dossier form
Select Dossier from the Search by Content Type menu.
2. Click the Industry tab for Industry Dossier.
3.  Type in the name of the industry for which you are searching.

.LexisNexis industry tab

4.  Click on Find
5.  Select your industry from the available list.

LexisNexis industry selection

6.  The results will show the top net sales of companies in that industry.

Method #3

  • Only for Baker studentsLexis Nexis Academic
                  In this section, you will find an industry report published by Hoover's Company & Industry Reports.

    1.  Select Company Profiles from the Search By Content Type menu.
    2.  Select Advanced Options
    3.  Place a check mark in front of: Hoover's Company and Industry Reports
    4.  From the Build Your Own Segment Search box, use the drop down box and highlight: Industry
    5.  That will bring the INDUSTRY(Insert Terms Here) message into the search box. Substitute your industry inside the INDUSTRY(motorcycles).
    6. Apply and Search.

    Method #4

  • Only for Baker students Lexis/Nexis Academic
    In this section, you will find a variety of reports (industry, market, etc.) published by Canadean Publishers. These reports cover many different countries, replete with difficult to locate segments such as distribution channels.  

                           1.  From the top of the search screen, in the Source Directory box, select: Find

                                LexisNexis find

                           2.    Under the Find Sources banner, fill the radio button by Source Name (A-Z)

                                   LexisNexis sourcename

                           3.  Choose from the alphabetical letter list, until you find Canadean. Place a check in any box that looks helpful.

                                 LexisNexis Canadean 

                            4.  When you've finished making your selection, click on the red tab: OK Continue.
                            5.  Under the search box, select the drop down box, labeled: Advanced Options
                            6.  Use the Build Your Own Segment search box to construct the search shown below.
                              Enter the industry of your choice in the INDUSTRY () section.
                            7.  Click Apply.
                            8.  Click Search

                                 LexisNexis segments industry           


Industry Analysts

"Business researchers have long valued analyst reports as high-quality sources of in-depth, detailed information and insights on companies, industries, technologies, and emerging trends."* At times, analysts may have conflicts of interest. We have seen several high profile stories that discussed concerns over the independence of industry analysts due to financial relationships between IT analyst firms and the vendors they are supposed to be writing about objectively.

"As the industry consolidates and questions over the independence of analyst firms continue, some have turned to the Internet and alternative sources for industry analysis to at least supplement the analysts' advice."*
*From: The Information Advisor, April 2005


  • Blogs
    An increasing number of people have set up their own Web blogs to offer to offer up their own views and commentary on a particular industry, IT solutions, technology, etc. While bloggers should not be viewed as a wholesale replacement for industry analysts, they can provide a much faster take on industry developments, as well as the "passionate buzz" on a company or product, as opposed to the analysts' more formal reports.

    Find access to a wide range of blogs published by industry analysts in:
    - Google Customized Search engine of analyst blogs
    - Lexis/Nexis Academic
                1. Start at the Search the News drop down menu,
                2. From the By Source Type, use the drop down menu to highlight Blogs.

  • Free web sitesSway:analyst relations, influencer marketing, and the business influence.
    From 2000 to 2011, The Directory of Analysts was part of Tekrati and Barbara French was its managing editor. Tekrati was the online guide to the IT and telecommunications industry analysts. It included 3 directories, 2 news services, a strategic consulting business, and tips, insights and commentary on the analyst business. By 2011, Tekrati had profiled some 650 analyst firms, published over 12,000 news posts, and hosted 150K to 250K unique visitors each year. Today, Barbara French's Directory of Analysts is a personal curation project and part of Ms. French's personal blog.

  • Individual Investor Commentary Sites
    These are sites that aggregate opinions and commentary of individual investors in order to reach a grass-roots "word on the street" consensus, mainly on matters related to companies and their performance. An example of this type of site is the free

  • Free web
  • This site solicits commentary and surveys 60,000 investors to come up with a group consensus on matters like company earnings expectations and to detect an overall market sentiment.


Additional Sites

The sites listed in this section vary in their depth of analysis. Some may prove more helpful than others.

  • Free web sites Congressional Research Service
    American taxpayers spend over $100 million a year to fund the Congressional Research Service, a "think tank" that provides reports to members of Congress on a variety of topics relevant to current events. Yet, these reports are not made available to the public in a way that they can be easily obtained. Scroll down to see the vast assortment of timely reports on  U.S. industries.

  • Free web sites Current Industrial Reports
    From the U.S. Census Bureau. Features manufacturing, mining, and construction statistics.

  • Free web sites EPA Sector Notebooks
    Profiles of industries impacting air, water or land.

  • Free web sites HighBeam Business: Industry Reports
    You can get historical and statistical analysis on narrow industry slices, down to a four-digit SIC code. The data comes from well-known sources such as D&B, the U.S. government, and associations.

  • Free web sites Industry Week
    Well known industry magazine that covers news items on many industries. It's a good place to identify trends.

  • Free web sitesInternational Trade Administration (ITA): Trade Development: Industry Analysts
      Trade Development is dedicated to enhancing the global competitiveness of U.S. industry. With its access to information, government analysts are involved in strategic research and analysis. In addition to excellent reports and statistical graphs, you will find contact info for analysts specializing in a wide range of industries.