How to find Industry Information


Trade Associations and Trade Shows

One of the best strategies for locating industry information is to contact the trade association for that industry or product. On the web, their home pages cover news, legislative concerns, and, most productively, data, analysis, and trends for their industry.

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Trade Associations


To identify the name and address of a trade association:

  • Books Encyclopedia of Associations(R 061.3 G13e)
    This is a multi-volume set which can be found in the Baker University Library reference section. It features a comprehensive list of national organizations described briefly, with names, addresses, and telephone numbers. Associations keep track of industry data for their members and may have valuable information on an industry that would not be found in standard business sources. Indexes include name of organization, key word, and geographic area.
  • Only for Baker students Business Insights Global
    This database has access to the associations related to business that are found in the Encyclopedia of Associations listed above. In order to search ONLY for associations, follow the directions below:

    1. Start by selecting Advanced Search.BIG_Advanced_Search

    2. In the Search box, type any descriptive word that identifies the trade association you are searching.(Whether you are looking for a specific Association Name or just any association that has a particular word, this is the procedure to follow)BIG_Association_word

3. Use the drop down arrow to highlight one of the three words under the term, Associations: if you want names of associations from other countries, highlight Countries, if you only have a descriptive word, highlight Description, and if you have the industry NAICS code, type the number in the search box, and then highlight NAICS.

4. Select:Search

5. Once the results page appears, select the View All link to see the entire list.BIG_Association_word_results


Trade Shows


An important element in gathering industry information is finding a path to market. The list below will help in identifying where a particular industry might be most likely to exhibit its products or services.


  • Free web
    Listings of trade shows by product and industries around the world.

  • Free web sitesAll
    A directory focusing on conferences, conventions, trade shows, exhibits, workshops, events and business meetings. The information ranges from specialized scientific, medical and academic conferences to all kinds of general events.

  • Free web
    Features a classification of 149 Activity Topics all over the planet. There is also a focus on brand new Events, especially in emergent market regions. The directory contains 1297 Trade Show venues from 693 Cities, in 120 Countries. Currently covers February 2008 to January 2010. Updated monthly.

  • Free web sitesExpo Database
    Listings of trade shows around the world, including suppliers, organizers, and venues.

  • Free web sitesTop 7 Trade Show Resources
    This listing is provided by a trade show marketing blog. Many of the sites are very comprehensive.

  • Free web sitesTSNN
    Bills itself as "the ultimate event resource". The Trade Show News Network (TSNN) owns and operates the most widely consulted event database on the Internet, containing data on more than 15,000 trade shows, exhibitions, public events and conferences.

  • Only for Baker students Lexis/Nexis Academic
    In addition to so many other features of this resource, you can also find sources for trade and development. In order to search ONLY for business opportunities, follow the directions below:

    1. From the top of the search screen, in the Source Directory box, select: Browse.

    LexisNexis browse

    2.   In the Publications Type box, highlight the "+" in front of Industries and Markets, and then check the box for Business Opportunities. Click on: Find Sources.

Lexis Nexis Business Opportunites

3.  . Place a check by all the sources you want to search. When ready, click: O.K. continue. This brings all the sources to the first screen and now you can use any key words, products, industries, names of companies, etc. in your search.

  • BooksTrade shows worldwide
        An international directory of events, facilities, and suppliers.

      Available at:
    • Kansas City Public Library - Central.
    • Johnson County Central Resources Library