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American Depository Receipts


ADRs or American Depository Receipts are one way that U.S. investors can invest in non-U.S. companies. ADRs are not shares of stock. They are held by a custodian for an investor. Even though they are listed as being traded on exchanges, they are not traded as stock on these exchanges. If you use their ticker symbols on web sites that give stock quotes, you will not get a price for them. There are several sites devoted to ADRs. The companies listed at these sites will vary depending on whether the bank holds these ADRs.


  • Free web sites BNY Mellon Depository Receipts
      Contains good descriptions of ADRs and how they are traded. Has statistics on ADR issues and company profiles in PDF format for companies with ADRs.
  • Free web sites JP Morgan ADR
      Contains profiles, charts, historical financials, and earnings information for companies with ADRs. Allows user to chart ADRs in comparison with various indices.
  • Free web sites NASDAQ International Issues
      NASDAQ lists more non-U.S. companies than both the NYSE and AMEX combined.
  • Free web sites NYSE International View
      Offers multiple entry points to the world's leading exchange groups. Search by company name, region, or industry.