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Access to international company profiles is identical to the process we use to find company profiles in the United States. The databases you will find in the library contain not only basic profiles, but also cover their histories, financial data, and even periodical articles about them.

gold triange Find a company's registration

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Find a company's registration


Free web sites Business Registries
Official business registries from more than 450 sites across 120 jurisdictions around the world.  You can get information on the shareholders, directors and the financial reports of companies worldwide. They are organized by country. Many are free of charge and for some you must register. Databases marked with a "$" require a fee. Not all are available in English.

Free web sites Company Registration Around the World
This is a list of links to the official government agency sites in countries around the world—as well as in the U.S.—where companies do their official filings. Note that if and when you do link to a page located in another country, if there is not a link to an English-language page, you will probably want to enter the URL into Google Translate to help you get the gist of the page.

Free web sites
This site provides links and describes offices around the world where companies must register in order to do business in that country. Includes 42 countries, mostly in Europe.


Find a specific company


This database profiles more than 400,000 companies. The emphasis is on American companies, but you will find a large selection of foreign companies, as well.

This database features detailed company profiles for the world's 10,000 largest companies.

1. At the opening screen, from the thick blue bar at the top of the screen, select: Company Profiles.

 BSP Company Profiles

 2. In the search box, type your company  and search.

3. Select your company from the Results List.


 The database features company profiles from a wide assortment of international sources.

      1. The link opens in the Company Dossier screen.
      2. Type your company in the Company Name box.

Lexis/Nexis Company Name

3.  Select it from the list provided.

Lexis/Nexis Company Name Results

4.  A complete report will appear.


Find a list of companies by country



1. At the opening screen, select: Company Finder


 2. From the Select a Country drop down menu, highlight the name of the country you are searching.

3. This will result in a list of companies headquartered in a specific country, organized by revenue.


1. In the first search box, type your country.

2. Change the search field to: GE Geographic Terms.
  BSP by country

3. In the Results screen, slide to the left navigation area, under Source Types, and select: Show More.


4. Check the box for: SWOT Analysis and select: Update


5. The remaining citations will list companies located in the country you specified along with the MarketLine link to the company profile.

BSP SWOT Results

1. This link opens in the Company Dossier screen.

2. Place a check in the Headquarters box, which will only show company headquarters' locations. This will help limit the number of results.

3. In the Country/Region box, use the drop down menu and select your country.

4. Search.


5. You may have to click on the red View All Companies bar to see the full results list.