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Newspaper articles can be helpful in locating a local perspective of a company. Many times, local reporters will elaborate and/or delve more deeply into a company's business practices.

For articles from international newspapers, you can select from a wide range of newspapers, most in English, and many in the native language:

 From the Search by Content box, select: Foreign Language News

  1. Select: Advanced Options.
  2. You have a choice of selecting all non-English publications and/or a specific language.
  3. From the "Select a segment" drop down box, select the appropriate segment. For example: company or industry
  4. Fill in the name of the company or industry in the area between the parentheses.
  5. Select Apply, then Search.

  1. From the Search by Content box, select: Newspapers.
  2. Select: Advanced Options.
  3. Place a check in front of Major World Publications.
  4. Repeat #4 through #6 from above.