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Most published information about international corporations is on large parent organizations and is arranged by country. So, you must determine whether the company is a parent company or a subsidiary and then find out in which country it is based. The type of information you need- - directory, background, financial, or rankings - - will also dictate your choice of source.

Directories are more than just books. They usually include name, address, principal officers and directors, lines of business and other data, such as annual sales and number of employees.


  • Free web sites Forbes Global 2000
      This is a list of the 2000 largest non-U.S. public companies ranked on a composite score for sales, profits, assets and market value.
  • Free web sites Fortune Global 500
      The biggest difference between the Fortune list and the Forbes list is that Fortune includes American businesses in its rankings.
  • Free web sites Hoover's Online
      Owned by Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, this free access site is one of the world's leading suppliers of business information. Its database contains statistics on more than 140 million companies in more than 200 countries. Access to its complete coverage is by subscription, but there is still very adequate information for no fee.
  • Free web sites ThomasGlobal
      Thomas Global is the most complete, up-to-date directory of global industrial suppliers and product information. Browse through their detailed list of industrial products and services to access companies within many categories.



Unlike the United States, privately held firms in Europe are generally required to file documents and forms with their country of origin. The information these documents reveal - finances, history, executives, related companies, etc. will vary. Certain documents for a given company may be displayed in the native language only.

  • Free web sites CAROL - European Company Annual Reports On-Line
      CAROL is an on-line service offering direct links to the financial pages of listed companies in Europe and the USA. CAROL provides direct access to companies’ balance sheets, profit & loss statements, financial highlights etc. Access is free of charge, but registration is necessary for access to annual reports.
  • Free web sites European Country Information Online
      Online access to detailed and accurate European company information direct from the source - each country's official register.


Latin America



  • Free web sites Industry Canada
      Canada's Business Information Site. Includes company information. Created by Industry Canada, a department of the federal government promoting business in Canada.


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