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  • Only for Baker students BMI Country Risk Report
      Provides analysis of global industries and research on leading companies in Emerging Markets. They cover all key global developments influencing company strategy, including country, regional and global supply and demand dynamics.

    Follow these steps to access this resource:

    1. From the top of the screen, select: Find
     LexisNexis find

    2. In the Find Sources screen, enter BMI in the keyword box.

     Lexis Nexis Find Sources BMI1

    3. Slide to the far right, and click on the red block titled, Find Sources.
    4. The final screen will list all the various BMI resources. Check the box in front of BMI Country Risk Report.
    5. Slide to the far right of the screen and click on the red block titled, OK - Continue.
    6. Use the large search box to enter the name of your country and Search.

  • BEST Ratings and Criteria Center
      A.M. Best identifies the various factors within a country that may directly or indirectly affect an insurance company. Countries are placed into one of five tiers, denoting a stable environment with the least amount of risk, to countries that pose the most risk and, therefore, the greatest challenge to an insurer's financial stability, strength and performance.

      The country risk ratings are created by Coface, which stands for Compagnie Française d'Assurance pour le Commerce Extérieur (COFACE). It was created in 1946 as the French export credit agency, then privatized by the government, and continues today as a commercial enterprise. It is part of the larger bank group, Natixis. While some of its services are fee-based, a good deal is, surprisingly free, including a country rating service. Select Economic Studies from the top of the screen. Once you enter a country name, you will have access to its risk assessment as well as its business climate rating. A chart includes the major macro economic indicators for the country.

  • Only for Baker studentsCountryWatch
    Comprehensive and regularly updated reports on every recognized independent country.  Robust reports include coverage of a given country's history, economy, government, political landscape including foreign policy orientation, business and investment climate, socio-cultural scene including key demographic features, and pertinent environmental issues.

    In the first space, type: country review
    In the second space, type: name of your country

  •  DataGov Governance Indicators Database
      DataGov provides a user-friendly interface for accessing most of the publicly available indicators related to governance. It contains approximately 400 governance indicators produced by 25 different sources for a global sample of countries whose coverage depends on the source. These indicators are produced by multilateral organizations, NGOs, private firms, and academic institutions. A sample of indicators include: growth competitiveness, bribery and corruption issues, and business regulatory environment.

  • Only for Baker studentsEIU Viewswire
      Access from: ABI/Inform Complete
      Continuously updated political, economic, and financial risk analysis for 120 countries. In addition to social and economic indicators, includes summary measures of economic, market, and political risk.
  • Follow these steps to access this resource:

        1. From the top of the screen, select: Browse.

        2. Scroll down to: Country Reports and select: Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ViewsWire.

        3. In the next screen, you will have a choice to search by your country or by topicsABI_ViewsWire_choice


    •  Global Corruption Reports
      (GCR) is one of "Transparency International’s" flagship publications, bringing the expertise of the anti‐corruption movement to bear on a specific corruption issue. Most recent reports have focused on corruption in climate change, the private sector, water and the judiciary. Under the What We Do link, you can find "corruption by topic" and "corruption by country."

    •  Index of Economic Freedom
      Includes country-by-country analyses on 161 countries and data on trade policy, fiscal burden, governmental intervention, monetary policy, foreign investment, banking and finance, wages and prices, property rights, regulation, and black market. Published by the Heritage Foundation (a conservative non-partisan think tank) in cooperation with Dow Jones.

    •  International Economic Trends
      From the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, this site covers 35 countries, showing real GDP growth, inflation, monetary aggregates, interest rates, current account balance, exchange rate,foreign exchange reserves, and government budget balance.

    • Market Potential Index
      The purpose of this study is to rank, with a U.S. focus, the market potential of 87 identified countries and to provide guidance to the U.S. companies that plan to expand their markets internationally.

    • Only for Baker studentsPolitical Risk Yearbook
      There are several ways to find information from this resource.
      Access from: Business Source Premier

      1. Start by selecting Advanced Search.

    BSP Advanced Search

    2. In the first search box, type: Political Risk Yearbook.
    3. Change the field label to: TI Title.
    4. In the second search box, type: your country.

    Try this method for a broader search:

    1. Start by selecting Advanced Search. (See graphic above)
    2. In the first search box, type: your country AND risk.
    3. Change the field label to: SU Subject.

    Algeria and Risk

    4. When the results appear, slide to the left and highlight Country. That will limit your search further for more targeted results.

    algeria risk1png
    A more direct method for a specific country search:

    1. From the opening screen, under Browse, select:Country Reports.


    2. From the Publications screen, select the Country and Type your country in the "Browse for" box.

    OR: Scroll down and select: your country


    • Only for Baker students PRS Group International Country Risk Guide
      IBC's International Country Risk Guide provides in-depth analyses of every factor that could affect business, trade or investments in countries around the world. Each report covers politics, economic policy, extensive analysis of economic trends and an assessment of the country's financial condition. The Guide is useful for multinational business executives, bankers, importers and exporters and fund managers. More than 130 countries get the in-depth coverage every year. In addition, countries are monitored for changing conditions throughout the year.

      If you need to limit to specific terms and date ranges, you can do so.In addition, you can limit by company name, country, or industry.

    •  Transparency International
      Transparency International is "the only international non-governmental organization devoted to combating corruption, brings civil society, business, and governments together in a powerful global coalition." In addition to news and special reports, ongoing surveys on various types of corruption including a global corruption barometer, a bribe payers survey, and a corruption perceptions index.Publishes Global Corruption Report which presents chapters on various forms of corruption as well as country reports for approximately 40 countries.

    •  The World Bank
      From this this site you can find economic and social indicators about countries around the world. A highlight is: Governance Indicators which provides aggregate governance research indicators for almost 209 countries from 1996-2007, for six dimensions of governance: voice and accountability; political stability and absence of violence; government effectiveness; regulatory quality; rule of law; control of corruption.