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Embassies and Foreign Trade Offices

Many embassies and consulates have commercial departments that aid in making contacts for business purposes.

  • Free web sites All Embassies of Washington, D.C.
      A listing by country of foreign embassies in Washington, D.C. with addresses and, when available, links to embassy web pages.
  • Free web sites Embassy World
      Embassy World is designed to provide a comprehensive list of contact resources for all of the world's diplomatic offices. It provides an easy-to-navigate directory that is clearly laid out and fully cross-indexed. By using dual query boxes, you can search "Whose Embassy" in "What Location".
  • Foreign Trade Offices
  • Compiled and entered by Trade Information Center trade specialists. This database lists foreign chambers of commerce, foreign trade and economic offices, foreign trade representative offices and foreign embassies located in the U.S., as well as foreign customs offices located overseas.