-Not-for-Profit Companies

Directories - Identifying Nonprofit Organizations

Use the directories below to identify nonprofit organizations by keywords and other criteria, such as geographic area. Most sources give brief directory and IRS data while others provide more extensive information, financials and evaluations.

Many of the directories include Web addresses. Web sites of organizations provide a wealth of information on the company's mission statement and activities. Often, you may also find an annual report and financial data. If the web site is not included, try web services such as Google or Yahoo.

Be aware that some directories abbreviate common words such as "assn" for "association." Try using just significant words, such as "American Heart" or just "Heart." In the Internet search engines, enter your association with the name in quotes to search a phrase, such as, "American Heart Association."

  • asae - American Society of Association Executive
    Searchable gateway of over 6,500 associations.

  • CSR Directory
    Provides contact information and links to more than 1,000 organizations concerned with Corporate Social Responsibility, searchable by organization name, type, contact name, and location. Also on the CSRwire site are corporate CSR reports, news releases, job opportunities, and events.
  • GrantSmart.org
    Includes IRS Form 990 PF tax returns filed by private foundations for 1990 and forward. The database can be searched by name, location, asset range, EIN, or keyword. Contains publicly available data received from the IRS. Currently, the information is being provided by NOZA. To search NOZA's companion database containing more than 1,000,000 foundation grant records (also free), please visit:  Nozasearch.

  • Internal Revenue Service:
    Search the IRS's official and current list of Exempt Organizations. This online version of Publication 78, Cumulative List of Organizations, is intended to assist you in learning if an organization is exempt from federal taxation and, if so, determining how much of your contributions to that organization are tax deductible.

  • GuideStar:
    The National Database of Nonprofit Organizations. Searchable database of more than 1.8 million IRS-recognized nonprofit organizations. Features in-depth Analysts Reports that can be purchased separately. They cover financial reports on more than 200,000 organizations, which can be viewed over several years, then compared with a group of its peers.
  • Melissa Data
    A searchable database that provides data on nonprofit organizations around the country. Users can either plug in the name of the target organization or a tax ID number to obtain information on a specific entity or enter a ZIP code to find a list of nonprofits located within that region. Each record contains key data such as the address, assets, income, IRS subsection, latest IRS Form 990 filed, and other relevant information.


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