Writing a Business Plan

A number of your classes require that you write an effective business plan as part of the assignment. This guide will not necessarily tell you HOW to write a business plan, but rather give you some resources that you may need along the way to crystallize some of the concepts.

On this page you will find general sources, like books, periodical articles, and web sites that will help in creating a business plan. By clicking into the navigation box on the left, marked "Steps in the Process", you will find specific sources that support many of the concepts listed.

An excellent place to start.....

 Only for Baker students Small Business Reference Library
Provides resources that include help and advice sections, including guidance in creating business plans. The product also provides business videos with critical information for business owners: interviews, ‘lessons learned’ features, lectures and‘how to’ videos that help foster success in all aspects of managing a business.

Web Sites



Books can be useful in locating background information on writing a business plan. You can find books in the Baker University Library Catalog. Some are even available in electronic format.

Use the term, business planning in the Baker University Catalog to locate books on this topic.

 Periodical articles

The following business databases contain thousands of articles on business plans and business planning:

  • Only for Baker studentsABI/Inform Complete
      1. Use the subject heading, Business Plans, and change the field designation to Subject.

      1. When the search results appear, slide to the right hand column. Under Narrow Results by select Document Type,then, select More options.

      1. A new box will pop up. Highlight Business Case and Case Study.
  • Only for Baker studentsBusiness Source Premier
      Use the subject heading, Business Planning.

    You will need to be prepared to add more words to your search, since this subject heading will bring up thousands of results.


 Web Sites

  • Online Small Business Training
    Developed by the SBA (Small Business Administration). Take advantage of free online courses from SBA to learn the basics of important topics related to your small business. This is one of the best available Web sites on business plans because it addresses all facets of the process in detail.

  • Business Plans and Profiles Index
    From the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Lists types of small businesses and a corresponding sample business plan, profile, or book, about the business, with sources provided after each entry. If the plan or profile is online, a link is provided.

  • Entrepreneur's Start-Up Kits
    This commercial site offers industry, market, and operations information for over 40 types of businesses. There is a wealth of free information on this site which includes how-to guides with comments from successful entrepreneurs, suggestions for researching business opportunities and creating a business plan, and links to associations and franchises. Fee-based start-up kits are also available.