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Interest Rates

    A leading aggregator of financial rate information, offering an unparalleled depth and breadth of rate data and financial content. It provides free rate information to consumers on more than 300 financial products.

  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act
    Annual disclosure of home mortgage and home improvement lending activity, including aggregate tables covering the lending activity of all institutions subject to the HMDA. Users can search by institution name, year, and other data. You'll be able to find statistics and data on transactions such as home loans, denials, refinances, and home improvements by region, tracts, race, income, and other fields.

  • Bank Interest Rates
    Includes Prime Loan Rates (daily, weekly, monthly) back to 1955

  • Yahoo! Finance
    Provides free stock quotes, up to date news, portfolio management resources, international market data, message boards, and mortgage rates. Through their Stock Research Center, you can learn about companies through earnings announcements, analyst research reports, and company reports.


  • FDIC: Quick Links for Analysts
    A wealth of information for finding statistics on banks and banking. Among the kinds of data you can find are a directory of institutions, summaries of deposits, statistics on depository institutions, statistics on banking, historical data on banking, policy-related information, and FDIC State Profiles.
  • Federal Reserve
    Excellent site for any kind of research into U.S. monetary policy research. The Federal Reserve (aka "The Fed") is the central bank of the United States.

  • Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
    Contains abundant reports, data, and series covering Commercial Banking, Conditions of Banks, Delinquencies and Delinquency Rates, Securities and Investments, and much more.
  • National Credit Union
    Offers financial and general information such as financial performance reports, online profiles, and other descriptive and financial data on both "natural person" and corporate credit unions. You can find ratio analysis, assets, investments, and cash; delinquent loan information; member business loans; etc. A quick way to get access to financial reports is by linking to this form-based site. You can get an Excel file emailed to you.