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There will be much more readily available information about public companies because they have to issue annual reports and file financial information with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Annual Reports are a corporation's financial statement prepared yearly for stockholders. Information typically included in an annual report includes a Chairman or President’s letter, description of main sales and marketing activities, management discussion and analysis, auditor’s report, detailed financial statements and 10-year summary of financial figures, list of subsidiaries and company addresses, and list of directors and officers. Many annual reports are “corporate works of art” and include detailed charts, tables, graphs, and photographs. The Annual Report provides a clear view of how the company views itself.

Annual reports of most large corporations are available to persons other than stockholders upon request and are often used as public relations vehicles. Besides giving comparative financial statements for the current and past years, some give divisional reports of past activities and future plans. Many companies will feature links to the digitized version of their annual reports from their company Internet site.

You can obtain copies of annual reports from the following sources:

  • A company's website
On a company web site, Annual Reports are frequently located under "Investor Relations." Other alternatives may include (but are not limited to) "Shareholder Information," "Earnings Releases," "Company Reports," "Company Profiles," "Financial Information," "Customer Service," or "About".


  • Free web sites Annual Report Gallery
      The Report Gallery boasts that it contains the "largest, most complete and up-to-date listings of annual reports on the Internet." Once a company is found, it can be viewed in HTML or PDF format. Free service.
  • Free web sites Public Registrar's Annual Report Service
      Request copies of annual reports from a list of over 3600 public companies. Requests are processed within 24 hours and shipped for free. Also features financial and press releases.

In SEC Filings

Corporate financial reports and other disclosure documents are excellent sources for current financial statistics and for other detailed information about the operations of publicly traded companies. These documents include not only annual reports to stockholders but also the various reports that U.S. companies are required to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission: an Annual Report to SEC (called the 10-K); Quarterly Financial Report (10-Q); Report of Unscheduled Material Events or Corporate Changes (8-K); 10-C, which is similar to 8-K for OTC (Over The Counter) companies;

You can obtain SEC Filings from the following sources:

  • Only for Baker studentsLexis/Nexis
    1. From the top of the search screen, select the box titled: Search by Content Type
    2. Scroll down to: Companies
    3. Select the link: SEC Filings
    4. Type the company name in the search box
    5. From the column on the left, under Sources by Category, select: SEC Online Database.
    6. Now, it will be easy to find the exact filing document you need.

  • Free web sites Securities and Exchange Commission
    This is the official site of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's EDGAR database. ( Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system.)
    All companies that are publicly traded in the U.S. are required to file registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms electronically through EDGAR. Here you'll find links to a complete list of available filings and instructions for searching the EDGAR database. You can do a company search for free.
If you’ve ever wondered where to find a certain piece of information about a public company—e.g., a list of subsidiaries, names of board of directors members, insider transactions, proxies, mergers, and executive salary data—this site does a superb job of telling you
1) on what form or filing you can find that information and
2) how and where to search it right there on EDGAR, all clearly explained.


  • Free web sites 10K Wizard
    An improved interface to the SEC filings. It contains information on 45,000 companies worldwide with archives through 1994. This is a fee-based service and you must have a subscription, however, you can sign up for a free seven day trial.


    If you have questions about financial statements and you are a little rusty about where to find "bits of information," Business Week magazine has an ongoing series on how to read and understand 10Ks, proxy statements and other financial statements called "The Fine Print." 
    1. The Fine Print: How to read those key footnotes behind the numbers.
    2. Unlocking the secrets of a Proxy Statement.
    3. TIPS for reading an Annual Report

      Another good source for help with financial statements:
    4. A Journalist's Guide to Financial Statements
      This white paper provides a discussion and simple explanations on what the various elements of a financial statement mean and shows the reader how to interpret them. Key segments of the paper include the income statement, the balance sheet, and the statement of cash flows. Also included are examples of key ratios, a case study of Twitter’s financial statements, and how to analyze the data to determine a company’s financial health. 

    5. Guide to Financial Statements
      An interactive video tutorial produced by members of the Accounting Dept. at Baruch College (The City University of New York). It covers income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Once completed, you should be able to understand the structure and purpose of these statements.

    In Data sets

  • Free web sites The Data Page - New York University
      An MBA professor from NYU has put together a web page that provides information on how to collect data from a variety of sources. It also allows you to look at and download a number of data sets that you might find useful in corporate finance and valuation. If you have trouble viewing the data in your browser, you can download the data in excel format.

    In Databases

  • Only for Baker students Business Insights Global

    1. Type Your Company in the initial screen.

         2.  From the Results screen, select: Financials

3. When the Fundamentals Analysis tab is chosen, you have access to the balance sheet, cash flow statements, and ratios.


  • Only for Baker studentsLexis/Nexis Company Dossier
    1. In the Company Name box, type: your company
    2. Select your company from the Results List
    3. From the left navigation area, under Financials, select: Overview
    4. You will find: Assets, Liabilities, Cash Flow, Income Statement, Balance sheets, and Ratio Analyses, all for a three year time period.



In Tax Statistics

  • Free web sites IRS
    This is a collection of official tax data compiled by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In addition to data on individual tax filings, charitable organizations, and official bulletins, here you can find aggregated business tax information on corporations, international businesses, partnerships, S corporations, sole proprietorships, and more. You can view tax data by industry, type of firm, and company size.