Historical Quarterly Financial Results Press Releases

 wildcatBcolor   ABI/Inform Complete 
1.  Start in the Advanced Search screen
2.  In the first search box, type the company name and use the drop down box to change the field to:
Company/organization  - ORG
3.  In the second search box, type: financial performance and use the drop down box to change the field to:
Subject heading (all) - SU
4.  Scroll down below the search box. From the Source type box, select: Wire Feeds.
5.  Search
6.  Shows results back to 1997.

wildcatBcolor Lexis/Nexis Academic
1. Select the "Search the News" box.
2.  Once the screen drops down, in the Search for box, type: your company name AND "financial results".
(TIP: Make sure to use the quotation marks as shown)
3.  In the By Source Type box, select: Wire Services.
4.  Search
5.  Shows results back to 1983.

Material m SEC
1. Find the 8K document for your company.
2. Before 2004, look for Item 12.
3. In late 2004 and beyond, look for Item 2.02
4. Use Control/F on your keyboard to locate the item numbers.