Investment Analyst Reports

Investment analysts reports are available from:

  • Only for Baker students Business Insights Global
    Once you have located your parent company report, you will find Analyst Reports by selecting the link to Investment Reports.

  • Only for Baker students Lexis/Nexis Academic
    This is the section of Lexis/Nexis known as Company Dossier.
    1. Once you have searched and selected your parent company, look in the left navigation column.
    2. Under Financials, select Analyst Reports.


Conference calls:
In addition to seeing the analysts' reports, you can also see the actual transcript of the conference call. You can do your own first hand investigation by listening in on the company's conference calls when they make their quarterly earnings announcements. It is from these calls that many analysts begin their analysis.

Option #1
1. Start at the Lexis/Nexis Academic home page.
2. In the main search box, type: your company's name.
3. Select: Advanced Options.

Lexis Nexis FDwire1

4. In the Source Box, type: FD wire. It will populate with the complete title, Fair Disclosure Wire.
5. Click on Apply. Then, Search.

Lexis Nexis FDwire3

6. In the Results field, use the Company menu option to choose the company's ultimate parent. In this case, it is Softbank, and not Sprint.

Lexis Nexis FDwire4

Option #2
1. Start at the Lexis/Nexis Academic Company Dossier page.
2. Type your company name in the company name box. Then, search.
3. Select your company name from the list.
4. Under "In the news", click on the plus sign by "Top Publications".
5. Find the most current "Earnings Call" report.

Option #3
In Google.
Type: Your company name and the words conference earnings call