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2.  From the Results screen, select: Financials


3. Select the Financials Dashboard

4.  The large graphic displays the current price, sometimes delayed by 15 minutes..

5.  Slide over the Quote link.

6.  You will have the option of finding a wide variety of financial information, along with historical stock quotes, day by day, back to the year 2000.

  • Euroland
    Select and compare stocks from several international stock exchanges, with unique sector selections, technical analysis and other professionally presented financial data.‎
  • Financial Times Market Data
    Data and charts for equities, commodities, currencies, bonds and rates, indices. Archive - daily, 2008 - current. Includes FT500 - World's Largest Companies w/ Yield, P/E and Market Cap.
  • Pink Sheets
    Includes basic ratios, ADRs and foreign companies.



Charting Services



    Select a variety of detailed charting options from the Free Charts section. You can track company stock price or performance over a period of time by entering the ticker symbol. Check out the Dynamic Yield Curve for an interesting historical comparison of the Treasury Yield curve and the S&P
  • Big Charts
    Select Interactive Chart and compare a company’s performance to the S & P 500 index. You can also view historical prices for the stock.



Online Trading


  • Online Trading
    Includes a general guide to online brokers, detailed reviews, expert ratings, data-driven comparisons, and  commentary on the best companies and trading platforms.





  • Econstats
    Global Stock Indices. Daily. Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual. Start date varies (1981 -1996) - current.

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However, you'll be able to see these titles at a library near your home; you can do the following:
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2. Once the screen opens, enter your zip code to find a library near your home that owns the title.

    Provides earnings, splits, IPOs, dividends, and other information. Select Dividends and enter a date to find details of the dividends payments or select Company Directory to narrow your search.



    A practical site for identifying ratio, ex-date, payable, record date, and declaration date. Select Splits to find company stock splits by day, week, or upcoming.



  • IPO Data
    Prepared by Prof. Jay Ritter, University of Florida.


Old Stock Certificates / Obsolete Securities

 See directions for finding local holdings of this title from above, under Dividends.


  • Directory of obsolete securities
    Updated annually. This volume will aid the researcher not only in determining what became of companies but also indicates the value of stock at the time of merger or acquisition. Dissolutions and charter revocations are also included. The directory provides brief information on "banks and companies whose original identities have been lost as a result of one or more of the following actions: change in name, merger, acquisition, dissolution, reorganization, bankruptcy, charter cancellation....The listing for each company indicates the manner in which the company's identity or securities became obsolete; each listing also includes the new name of the company (if any) and the year the action occurred," along with information on whether the stock has any remaining value.