Subject Guide - QS 411

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Where do I find ideas for topics?

Reports (through CQ Researcher)
News stories (through

Where do I find legal information on my topic?

Where do I find what experts have told government officials on my topic?

Expert testimony before congress (Congressional Hearings through FDsys)

Where do I find government reports on my topic?

Briefing reports given to members of congress (Option 1: through OpenCRS)
Discover resources from relevant federal agencies (start with the Directory of Federal Agencies by LSU)
Find information published by the Government Printing Office (Catalog of Government Publications)
Audits, Evaluations, and Investigations (GAO Reports/Blue Books)

Where do I find statistics on my topic?

Statistics about population and commerce gathered by the federal government (through American FactFinder)
Statistics gathered by the United Nations (through UNdata)

Where can I search for other types of government information on my topic?

Search general government information on the web (through
Search science related government resources (through
Search government resources published by the Government Printing office (through FDsys)