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April 20, 2010
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Assistant attorney general shares career experiences

Baldwin City, Kan. — As the assistant attorney general for Missouri since 2002, Sharon Euler applies daily the skills she acquired from Baker University more than 20 years ago when she majored in biology and philosophy.

She learned after graduating in 1984 that her well-rounded liberal arts education would serve her well.SharonEuler

“I was able to think and I was able to write what I was thinking more clearly and logically as a student at Baker University,” Euler said. “I enjoyed being involved in a lot of coursework and activities not related to my major. I had a lot of English classes, sang in the choir, and took lessons in piano, voice and guitar. I would not have had that breadth of experience at a public school or had the opportunities to branch out.”

In mid-April, Euler shared her Baker and work experiences during Career Exploration Day at the Collins Center on the Baldwin City campus.

“A lot of people think to go to law school you should be a pre-law or political science major,” she said. “What I have found out were the people who had training in the scientific method excelled in law school because we had already learned to think logically. I think the philosophy and science classes I took here helped me come out of Baker ahead of others.”

In her role with the state of Missouri, Euler works in the consumer protection division. She primarily files actions and does work related to fraud involving the funeral industry in Missouri.

“Our job is to protect the consumers of Missouri and make sure they get what they contracted for,” Euler said. “I work for the attorney general. The attorney general is in place to protect the public. The work is intellectually challenging so I learn new things every day.”

Euler never envisioned a law career when she was an undergraduate. She entered Baker as a pre-med major with aspirations of attending medical school after graduating. Nearing her graduation date, Euler received word from Baker’s job placement director that a law firm in the Kansas City area was looking for graduates with science degrees who had good writing skills. She seized the opportunity, working as a document analyst on tobacco litigation. That experience sparked an interest in law and she graduated from the Iowa School of Law in 1991.

In the late 1970s, Euler became acquainted with Baker while participating in activities through a United Methodist Church youth camp on the Baldwin City campus while attending Council Grove High School. Her camp experience influenced her decision to attend Baker.

“I knew Baker would be a perfect place for me,” Euler said. “I was a pre-med major and Baker had an excellent science program. I wanted to go to a liberal arts college and the University provided excellent scholarship opportunities.”