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Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012
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Baker University Music Ensembles, Speech Choir to celebrate Vespers at Rice Auditorium

Baldwin City, Kan. — Baker University's Department of Music and Theatre will celebrate the 82nd Annual Christmas Candlelight Vespers with performances at 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., Sunday, Dec. 2, at Rice Auditorium, 404 Eighth St. on the Baldwin City campus. Traditionally held at Baldwin First United Methodist Church, Vespers was relocated because of the program's growth and a greater demand for seats. Baker remains committed to allowing as many community members enjoy the event as possible.vespers pr

"Baker University values the longstanding partnership with First United Methodist Church, and we will continue to bring the Christmas spirit alive at Rice Auditorium," Baker President Pat Long said. "The new location will provide double the seating and enable more people to savor one of Baker's most cherished traditions."

The program will include performances by the Baker Concert Choir, Baker Chamber Choir, Baker Orchestra, Baker Percussion Ensemble, Baker Brass Ensemble, Baker Speech Choir, Little Big Band Jazz Ensemble, Buel A. Hill Quartet, University Community Choir and Children's Choir.

Matthew Potterton, the Vespers director, will conduct the choruses. Other conductors and directors are the following: Lori McKinney, orchestra; Steve Riley, percussion ensemble; Ray James, jazz ensemble; Erinn Renyer, Buel A.Hill quartet; Susan Redding Emel, Speech Choir. Nanette Kraus will serve as the accompanist.

Concert Choir
Ryan Bearrick, Kennedy Beck, Laura Bynum, Stephanie Chappell, Andrew Corkill, Marta Czarnick, Daniel Davis, Adriane Dick, Aubrey Eicher, Paul Eltschinger, Morgan Giudicessi, Brandon Haefke, Kelli Higgins, Scott Ireland, John King, Rachel Knight, Brian Lamoreux, Jillian Miller, Jacob Neiman, Sophia Newman, Kayla Paul, MacKenzie Sammons, Dante Simmons, Krystina Townsend, Elizabeth White, Billy Wicks, Ariel Williams and Taylor Winkler.

Chamber Choir
Adriane Dick, Aubrey Eicher, Paul Eltschinger, Morgan Giudicessi, Brandon Haefke, Scott Ireland, John King, Jillian Miller, Krystina Townsend, Billy Wicks, Ariel Williams.

University Community Choir
JaNay Adgers, Kay Bailey, Jan Boyd, Morgan Brown, Jill Brungardt, Bethany Canterbury, Tammy Canterbury, Mark Chaney, Julie Craig, Robert Craig, Marta Czarnick, Kathryn Duggan, Nathan Eaker, Jan Elder, Shaley Epperson, Shayla Farley, Frankie Farrant, Taylor Files, Carol Fleming, Ruth Fleming, Sylvia Forbes, Mike Gammage, Susan Gammage, TerriLois Gregory, Nate Growcock, Stephanie Haug, Becky Henderson, Lindsay Hill, Anna Hobbs, Tim Hodges, Jessica Holmes, Tamara House, Jamika Jackson, Morgan James, Ray James, Saunder James, Ulrich Johanning, Wolfgang Johanning, Etha Johnson, Dustin Keen, Dave Killingsworth, Lynn Killingsworth, Molly Mangan, Daniel McKinney, Lori McKinney, Carolyn Nicholson, Tim Obiefule, Sherri Pahcoddy, Kimberly Patton, Victoria Paul, Michel Prahl, Sharole Prahl, Brittany Reed, Priscilla Roberts, MacKenzie Sammons, Phillip Schiffelbein, Bailey Stines, Margaret Thyr, Krystyna Van Driel, Jenna Warmund, Candy Wasser, Allyson White and George Wiley

Baker University Orchestra
Violins: Kelly Bohling, Samuel Kendrick, Priscilla Roberts, Marshall Sumwalt and Erin Wilson
Viola: Wolfgang Johanning, Khadijah Lane Evelyn Mandell, Xiomara Nunez and Audrey Willis.
Cello: Mariah Barnett, Kathryn Boyer, Ulrich Johanning and Brian Loux.
String bass: Andrew Corkill.

'Little Big Band' Jazz Ensemble
Alto sax: Katie Butler, Brian Lamoreux and Steven Stendebach.
Trumpet: Andy Kelley and Will Schowalter.
Trombone: Ryan Hodges and Dante Simmons.
Drums: John Robbs
Bass: Kyler Burress
Guitar: Brian Loux
Piano: Taylor Winkler

Percussion Ensemble
Mariah Barnett, Kyler Burress, BriAnna Garza, Greg Henning, Rebecca Holder, Scott Ireland, Matthew Jenkins, Brian Loux, Zach McElmurry, John Robbs, Parker Roth, Stephanie Skedel and Michael Sturm.

Brass Ensemble
Trumpets: Morgan James and Will Schowalter
French horn: Sophie Newman
Trombone: Michael Sturm
Euphonium: Ryan Bearrick
Tuba: Jacob Nieman

Baker DixieKats
Trumpet: Will Schowalter
Clarinet: Bailey Stines
Tenor saxophone: Katie Butler
Trombone: Michael Sturm
Banjo: Brian Loux
Tuba: Jacob Neiman
Percussion: BriAnna Garza

Speech Choir
Jackie Albin, Carly Berblinger, Morgan Brown, Dani Carlson, Brittany Friedel, Rachel Lusk, Teresa Morse, Jacob Mogle, Josh Morgan, Philip Schiffelbein, Shreya Upadhyaya and Justin Whittaker

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