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Dec. 13, 2012
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School of Nursing — Graduate delivers on promise

Topeka, Kan. — Born and raised in Topeka, Brad Grabauskas worked as a medical assistant at the VA Hospital in his hometown during his senior year 20 years ago at Topeka High.Grabauskas-Brad2

Grabauskas became trained as a surgical technologist and worked as a tech for several years and became a leader in his job at the VA Hospital, where he continued to work part time while attending Baker University's School of Nursing the past two years. When he receives his nursing pin and bachelor's degree in nursing this weekend, Grabauskas will have fulfilled a promise he made to the director of surgery at Stormont years ago.

"I remember when I was 20 and had a baby on the way the director told me to promise her that I would some day earn a degree," Grabauskas recalled. "That was an inspiration for me, especially after growing up with a single mother and hanging around the wrong crowd. Some of my friends are in prison and some have died. I am thankful and blessed for the direction my life took."

Another inspiration along Grabauskas' career path has been Donna Bishop, his companion of 14 years. Bishop, who received a nursing degree and Master of Business Administration degree from Baker, is the director of the cath lab at Stormont-Vail HealthCare.

"She is a great person and has been my backbone," he said. "Seeing what she has done with her career made me work harder to reach this level."

Throughout the nursing program, Grabauskas persevered, balancing work, studying and raising three children during his completion of the nursing program.

"I have to thank my family and co-workers," he said. "There were a lot of late nights and stressful times. You learn to put forward the effort to be successful."

After graduating, Grabauskas hopes to secure a full-time position on the medical-surgical floor at the VA.

"I enjoy working with veterans and think of all the sacrifices they have made," he said. "In health care, you always have to be thinking on your feet and I like that rush."

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