May 19, 2006
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Baldwin City, Kan. — Jared Grantham, a 1958 Baker University graduate and an internationally renowned researcher in the study of polycystic kidney disease, had his new findings for the treatment of PKD recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine. It is Grantham’s fourth report in the prestigious journal.

Grantham, the Harry Statland professor of nephrology at Kansas University’s School of Medicine, worked with researchers and scientists from the Mayo Clinic, Emory University, the University of Alabama-Birmingham, Washington University in St. Louis, Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital in Oregon and the National Institutes of Health.

Polycystic kidney disease causes kidneys to fill with cysts and often leads to renal failure. By measuring kidney volume, using magnetic resonance imaging or CT scans, the researchers were able to show a definite disease progression reflected in an increase in kidney size. The research gives physicians a tool to determine the severity of the disease early in its course, and to determine how fast it is progressing.