Student Learning Outcomes

The nursing program prepares confident, competent and responsible professional nurses who are able to:

  1. Practice professional nursing, incorporating the roles of provider of care, designer/manager/coordinator of care, and member of a profession.
  2. Conduct comprehensive and focused assessments using a holistic approach to make complex critical clinical judgments.
  3. Demonstrate evidence-based practice by integrating evidence, critical clinical judgment, interprofessional perspectives, and patient preferences in planning, implementing, and evaluating outcomes of care.
  4. Communicate and collaborate effectively with individuals, families, populations, communities, and the interdisciplinary team across the health care continuum.
  5. Integrate leadership principles and processes to ensure safe, quality outcomes of patient care across the health care continuum.
  6. Portray professional values when providing competent, compassionate, culturally sensitive and individualized care across the health care continuum.
  7. Display accountability for legal, moral and ethical considerations within current standards of professional practice.
  8. Integrate personal goals for lifelong learning and for involvement in professional and community service.
  9. Manage patient care technologies and information management systems when delivering care across the health care continuum.
  10. Provide effective health promotion, disease and injury prevention care to diverse individuals, families, populations and communities across the health care continuum.