Business Office FAQ

1. What is the technology fee?

The technology fee of $30 per course covers maintenance and expansion of technology services and support. It is assessed for all on-ground and online courses. The fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

  • Cohort students: After the program begins, the technology fee payment dates correspond to program, chosen payment option, or the program course calendar issued the first night of class. Fees for students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Education and Master of Science in School Leadership cohort programs are determined by start date.
  • Open enrollment students: The technology fee will be added to the account on enrollment and is due along with tuition according to the payment dates listed in the Overland Park course schedule or Wichita course schedule. This information also appears on the registration form.

2. When is tuition due?

For business students, tuition payment dates are included on your program calendar. Tuition due dates for open-enrollment students are included on the course schedule.

3. How do I receive my books?

Students are responsible for purchasing their own books and course materials.

To access textbook and course material information follow these steps:

Log into your Baker student portal account.
Click on Academics.
Select Your Class Schedule.
Click View by LIST (on the right-hand side).
Find the course you need books for and select Click for Details.
You will find the information under Textbook Requirements.

You may purchase textbooks, materials and other Baker merchandise online or by phone (785.594.8315). Visit the online bookstore.

4. How do I pay for classes and other fees?

Payments can be made by check, money order or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover). Payments can be mailed or faxed:

Baker University
(Insert Your Degree Program)
Accounting Department
8001 College Blvd., Ste. 100
Overland Park, KS 66210
Fax: 913.491.0470

Students using financial aid may choose to keep excess funds on account for future tuition and educational resource fee charges by returning the electronic funds authorization form with this choice indicated.

5. What are the refund policies?

Tuition for online courses is refunded as follows:

  • Written notification of withdrawal received by Academic Advising prior to the course start date results in a full tuition refund.
  • Written notification of withdrawal received by Academic Advising prior to the beginning of the second week of the course results in a 90% tuition refund. (Number of weeks for the course is determined by a week from the start date. If the course starts on a Monday, then the next Monday is the beginning of the second week of the course, and so on.)
  • Withdrawal during or after the second week of the course results in no tuition refund.

See the pdfSPGS Catalog and Student Handbook for additional information about refunds and financial aid.

6. Are other fees involved in getting my degree?

Yes, Baker University charges the following fees in addition to the technology fee: a one-time application, registration, materials and a graduation fee.