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Baker University Online Learning Philosophy

Baker University offers online education programs to working professionals, particularly to individuals who experience time, schedule, or geographical restraints. Online learning at Baker closely aligns with the University's mission to meet the lifelong learning needs of nontraditional and other students. Baker University is committed to growth and finding innovative ways to extend quality educational opportunities through multiple modalities to working professional students.

Institutional Policy Regarding Online Courses

Asynchronous online courses are developed using curriculum designed by faculty who are considered subject matter experts in consultation with the director of curriculum. Instruction and curriculum staff members use curriculum guides, faculty notes, texts, and other resources to adapt the course content and instructional strategies to fit an online format.

Online learning takes place using Moodle, Baker University's learning management system, to create an online classroom setting in which instructors and students interact.

Online courses are scheduled in consultation with the director of instruction.

Definitions Regarding Online Teaching & Technology

Asynchronous Learning: All online courses at Baker are asynchronous. An asynchronous class allows students to access course materials at any time during the course, although students are never required to log in at a set time.

Moodle: Moodle is a learning management system that creates an online classroom setting in which instructors and students interact. It is a software application that allows faculty to make course content readily available to students. A typical online course will require reading assignments, papers and projects, discussion of course concepts, tests and additional learning opportunities.