Foundations in Church Leadership

Prepare for church-related work or graduate training in church leadership, especially a seminary degree leading to ministry. The program is not a major, and students of any major may participate. The program is also not a minor; it is simply a group of preparatory courses that prepare you for further study. The program is open to students of any faith. 


Students completing the foundations in church leadership program must complete the following coursework:

  • The Torah / Introduction to the Old Testament
  • Introduction to the New Testament
  • World Religions
  • Foundations of Pastoral Identity
  • Laboratory Course in Historical Method
  • Oral Communication or Interpersonal Communication and Ethics
  • Advanced Public Speaking or Performance of Literature
  • Social Organization and Social Change or Religion, Ritual and Belief
  • History of Western Music I or Visual Language or Survey of Art History
  • Health Psychology or Counseling
  • The Bible and Leadership (Interterm course)

This program information has been taken from the current College of Arts and Sciences catalog. This information is subject to change and is updated with each academic year.