Courses for MSSL or Building-Level Licensure

Leadership Core Courses

All courses are required for MSSL & Building-Level Licensure.

MAS 5010 - Foundations of Educational Administration
This course includes a study of personal and educational leadership applicable to building-level administration at the elementary and secondary level. Participants develop the ability to transfer beliefs and values, leadership theories, and educational research into policy and best practice. Participants study a number of topics related to leadership and administration, including team and community building, time management, theories of motivation, communication practices, societal expectations, organizational change, and the process of achieving win-win. Participants are introduced to the standards provided by the Interstate School Leader Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) in preparation for the licensing examination later in the program. MSSL Core Course (This course must be completed prior to enrollment in any other school leadership course.) (3 credits)

MAS 5020 - Organizational Health and Performance
This course provides participants with leadership skills needed to manage, make decisions, and guide a healthy organization. Participants develop an understanding of organizational culture and climate characteristics important in a collaborative learning organization. Participants increase skills for using the technology needed to collect and analyze data for classroom enhancement.
Prerequisite MAS 5010. MSSL Core Course (3 credits)

MAS 5030 - School Personnel
This course provides participants with the expertise to select, supervise, evaluate, empower, and provide development for school personnel. Participants study important constitutional, moral, legal, liability, ethical, and policy issues that relate to employment rights and practices. Participants enhance interpersonal skills that develop two-way communications with personnel. The course introduces the skills to maintain personnel records, develop policies and procedures handbooks, document personnel recommendations, and budget for personnel needs. Participants learn to use technology for personnel management and classroom enhancement.
Prerequisite MAS 5010. MSSL Core Course (3 credits)

MAS 5040 - Curriculum and Instruction for Administrators
This course provides participants with the leadership skills to develop a building mission and vision relating to curriculum and instruction. Participants become knowledgeable about how to create curriculum and instruction consistent with the district’s program and objectives. A variety of instructional strategies and models supported by research and best practices, and a variety of methods and tools used to monitor and assess the curriculum are examined.
Prerequisite MAS 5010. MSSL Core Course (3 credits)

MAS 5050 - Student Services, Climate, and Programs
The course is designed to provide students with the leadership skills necessary to create discipline practices and a school environment that maintains a safe, orderly, and student centered climate; provide for student governance, organizations, clubs, and co-curricular activities; provide for the many different needs of a diverse student population; and provide for student support services, including sponsors for activities, counseling, transportation, and food service. Participants develop an understanding of the processes and responsibilities of monitoring student activities, legal liability issues, due process procedures relating to suspension and expulsion, and disciplinary procedures. Participants demonstrate the interpersonal, communication, and processing skills necessary to involve students in the creation, improvement, and maintenance of student and school policies, activities, and programs.
Prerequisite MAS 5010. MSSL Core Course (3 credits)

MAS 5060 - Legal and Ethical Issues of School Leadership
This course is designed to prepare aspiring building level leaders to address issues in the legal structure of public education and to become skilled in locating and using resources pertaining to changing laws and court decisions. Problems will be presented for solution that will increase understanding of ethical issues facing school leaders.
Prerequisite MAS 5010. MSSL Core Course (3 credits)

MAS 5070 - School Planning, Operations, and Finances
This course will prepare building level leaders to manage the planning, maintenance, and support of the school for the best learning environment. Major topics include issues of financial policies and practices, budgeting, funds control and accountability, and school planning and operations. Legal issues to be considered in school operations and management will be addressed.
Prerequisite MAS 5010. MSSL Core Course (3 credits)

MAS 5080 The Ethical Building Leader
Candidates gain perspective of the ethical and moral aspects of building-level leadership and of how building leaders impact and influence the larger community. Candidates examine moral conflicts within sustainable leadership practice, increasing leadership skills that assure success of all students and acting with integrity, fairness, and in an ethical manner. Candidates develop and demonstrate leadership skills in the following: understanding and modeling ethical behavior; professional values of democracy, equity, and diversity; moral and legal consequences of decision-making; and social justice. (3 credits)

Education Core Courses

All courses are required for MSSL. Courses required for Building-Level Licensure are determined by a transcript evaluation.

EDU 5102 - Assessment Strategies
This course expands awareness of multiple strategies for assessing the progress of students and increases abilities to utilize standardized tests, for both formal and informal modes of assessment. Students design a project that outlines the use of varied modes of assessment. MAEd and MSSL Core Course (3 credits)

EDU 5121 - Inquiry and Research
This course gives educators a simple, practical, believable way to conduct and interpret their research for the general betterment of both their instructional practices and the profession of teaching. (3 credits)

An Educational Technology Course (3 credits)

Field Experience

Required for both MSSL and Building-Level Licensure.

MAS 5504 - Directed Field Experience (DFE)
The DFE is the MSSL capstone course that provides a program candidate with the hands-on experiences necessary to transfer beliefs, values, theory, and knowledge into policy and practice. The 100 hours of administrative field experiences take place in a state-accredited school setting under the direction and supervision of a university supervisor and a building administrator. A candidate can choose either an August to May or December to August DFE timeframe. The candidate attends 3 mandatory meetings at the University. (4 credit hours)