Doctor of Education Dissertation Requirements

The doctoral dissertation is conducted in accordance with guidelines established for doctoral candidates of Baker University. The doctoral study follows recommendations found in “The Role and Nature of the Doctoral Dissertation: A Policy Statement,” Council of Graduate Schools.


The doctoral dissertation will accomplish the following:

  • Reveal the candidate’s ability to analyze, interpret and synthesize information
  • Demonstrate the candidate’s knowledge of the literature relating to the project or at least acknowledge prior scholarship on which the study is built
  • Describe the methods and procedures used
  • Present results in a sequential and logical manner
  • Display the candidate’s ability to discuss fully and coherently the meaning of the results

The dissertation is the beginning of the candidate’s scholarly work, not the culmination. The dissertation is expected to provide the candidate with hands-on, directed experience in the primary research methods of the discipline and should provide for the type of research that is expected after the doctor of education degree is awarded.


Once a candidate has entered the program, he or she receives a full description of the process to be used for completing the study, including the following:

  • Dissertation proposal development and approval
  • Format and publication of the dissertation
  • Adviser–advisee relationship
  • Administrative and faculty support
  • Study presentation process
  • Deadline for dissertation completion