MAEd Courses

Required Education Core Courses (18 credit hours)

EDU 5111 - Enhancing Communication and Embracing Understanding
This course includes lessons in both written and oral communication and lessons to increase understanding of student diversity. The course content covers MLA standards and provides opportunity to practice prewriting, writing, editing, and reflection. Candidates confront issues of diversity that affect student learning through a seven-hour practicum that includes interaction with exceptional students from diverse groups* (students not their own) in P-12 diverse settings*. (3 credits) 
*Diverse groups and settings include at least two of the following different from your own classroom: ethnic/racial/ cultural, socioeconomic, disability/special education, and linguistic (ELL).

EDU 5101 - Learning Theories and Instruction
Past and present learning theories are examined. Participants expand their awareness in the area of research-based instructional strategies and effective lesson design. Beliefs about learning and best teaching practices are reviewed. Students reflect on their learning and practice of instruction and teaching. MAEd Core Course (3 credits)

EDU 5102 - Assessment Strategies
This course expands awareness of multiple strategies for assessing the progress of students and increases abilities to utilize standardized tests, for both formal and informal modes of assessment. Students design a project that outlines the use of varied modes of assessment. MAEd and MSSL Core Course (3 credits)

EDU 5103 - Curriculum Development and Design
This course assists students in understanding and applying the rationale for integrated studies. Current and projected styles of curriculum are assessed and the course project features designing a model curriculum. MAEd Core Course (3 credits)

EDU 5531 - Today’s Learner
This course explores the changing face of classroom students through current research on academic success. This course examines how classroom diversity has implications for curriculum, instruction, and school climate. Participants learn about building strengths in their classroom students, fostering resiliency, and creating supportive environments and relationships to encourage academic and social growth. MAEd and MSSL Core Course (3 credits)

Required Research Course (3 credit hours from this group)

EDU 5120 - Action Research in the Classroom
This course provides students with tools to reflect on their teaching practices, assess their performance, and make informed decisions about their teaching. Through this process teachers create an environment of improved student learning. (3 credits)

EDU 5121 - Inquiry and Research
This course gives educators a simple, practical, believable way to conduct and interpret their research for the general betterment of both their instructional practices and the profession of teaching. (3 credits)

Education Concentration Courses (18 credit hours)