Portfolio & FAQ

MAEd Portfolio

Your MAEd portfolio will include a collection of artifacts from your MAEd program coursework, reflections and professional autobiography.

pdfMAEd Portfolio Rubric

pdfMAEd Portfolio NBPTS

pdfMAEd Portfolio Explanation


What type of artifacts should be included?

Artifacts are papers and projects from your program's required courses. These artifacts are graded assignments, received and graded by your course instructor. The following are required courses in the MAEd program (artifacts for each of the required courses are found on the pdfMAEd Portfolio NBPTS):

  • EDU 5111 Enhancing Communication and Embracing Understanding (after July 2012)
  • EDU 6104 Writing at the Graduate Level (before August 2012)
  • EDU 5101 Learning Theories and Instruction
  • EDU 5102 Assessment Strategies
  • EDU 5103 Curriculum Development and Design
  • EDU 5531 Today's Learner
  • EDU 5120 Action Research in the Classroom
    or EDU 5121 Inquiry and Research
    or EDU 5108 Differentiated Classroom Instructional Practice

What is TaskStream?

TaskStream is an online repository for each of the MAEd required course common assessments. MAEd students receive TaskStream account information during EDU 5111 Enhancing Communication and Embracing Understanding. Each MAEd student must pay for a TaskStream account. All MAEd portfolio requirements are submitted to and graded on TaskStream.

How do I find portfolio information and whom do I contact?

Portfolio information is found in the MAEd orientation and during the one class time of open enrollment EDU 5997 MAEd Portfolio course. Contact the program coordinator for information: Bethany Teppe at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also contact your student services advisor Katie Uhlenhake at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What do you mean by reflections?

You write a reflection focused on the NBPTS for each of your required courses, showing specific application in your classroom. Each course reflection is a minimum of two pages.

You also write a final program reflection that refers to your growth during the program, reflects on elective course work and shares your future plans in education.

What is included in my autobiography?

Your autobiography provides a professional picture of you as an educator. 

How should I organize my portfolio?

The MAEd portfolio is organized through your TaskStream account.

When is my portfolio due?

Portfolios are due the term before your graduation from the program.

How is my portfolio assessed?

Your portfolio is assessed with the pdfMAEd Portfolio Rubric.