Transfer of Credit for MAEd

Graduate courses taken before application to the MAEd program will be evaluated upon request at the time of application to the MAEd program. Transfer credits may not satisfy the 18-semester-credit education core requirement.

Up to six graduate semester credits may be considered for transfer into the MAEd degree program, provided these courses meet the following criteria:

  1. Were taken for graduate credit from a regionally accredited institution of higher education
  2. Received a grade of A or B
  3. Are germane to the MAEd curriculum
  4. Were not used in acquiring another degree
  5. Are not outdated in content (usually not older than six years)
  6. Were not earned through correspondence study or independent study.

Additionally, a course description from the catalog in effect at the time the course was taken must be on file, and an official transcript sent directly from the granting institution must be received. Courses taken before starting the degree program that were offered through Baker University’s continuing education program may also be requested to apply toward the education electives. The total number of transfer credits from another institution, Baker continuing education, or a combination of the two may not exceed six credits.