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Master of Science in Teaching Courses

Students who complete the restricted l program can take an additional 15 hours of graduate coursework to obtain a Master of Science in Teaching.

Baker University Required Courses: 6 credit hours

EDU 5120 Action Research in the Classroom

This course provides students with tools to reflect on their teaching practices, assess their performance, and make informed decisions about their teaching. Through this process teachers create an environment of improved student learning. (3 credits)

EDU/MGE 5320 Leadership for Education and Business Professionals

Participants committed to becoming effective leaders in the 21st century examine a scope of leadership topics, including theory, application, and “hands on” organizational problem-solving simulations designed to hone leadership skills both personally and with others. (3 credits)

Elective Courses (9 credits from this group)

EDU 5049 Inclusion: Special Students in the Regular Classroom (available online)

This course examines the changing roles of special education in schools. Focus is on application of theory and skills with practical suggestions for academic and behavior problems and attention toward higher skills for all students. (3 credits)

EDU 5102 Assessment Strategies (available online)

This course expands awareness of multiple strategies for assessing the progress of students and increases abilities to utilize standardized tests, for both formal and informal modes of assessment. Students design a project that outlines the use of varied modes of assessment. MAEd and MSSL Core Course (3 credits)

EDU 5373 Balanced Literacy: Reading & Writing in the Classroom (available online)

Students are introduced to the components of Balanced Literacy for all students. Topics included are the organization of a classroom to facilitate balanced literacy, how to implement reading workshops and writing workshops, and how to develop reading and writing calendars and units of study. (3 credits)

EDU 5506 Classroom Management and Student Motivation (available online)

This course reviews proactive classroom management strategies that can improve success for the first-year teacher as well as the veteran instructor. The proactive strategies increase student's self-management and problem-solving skills, deal with many of the "what if..." problems educators encounter, and explore ways to increase student success through self-control and motivation. (3 credits)

EDU 5530 Validating the Learning

This course is designed for K-12 teachers who are looking to validate the learning that occurs in their classroom/school. Students will gain an understanding of their personal beliefs as they relate to learning, state performance indicators, expectations for all learners, and common characteristics of high achieving schools. Students will develop a plan of action for school improvement. (3 credits)

ETC 5299 Classrooms for the Digital Age (available online)

This course builds on the ISTE National Education Technology Standards by considering meaningful ways that learners - children, youth, and adults - and schools can benefit from the many new technology applications. The course addresses the fundamental questions about how learners can be empowered through technology integration in the classroom. Topics will include video, distance, Web-based, communication, and other applications. (3 credits)