Restricted Licensure Courses

On-Ground Restricted Licensure Course Content

Teaching Induction
An intense one-week workshop to orient prospective teachers to the field of education. (2 hrs.)

Supervised Practicum I
Field-based practicum in a school setting during the first year in the Restricted Licensure program. (2 hrs.)

Supervised Practicum II
Field-based practicum in a school setting during the second year of the Restricted Licensure program. (2 hrs.)

Online Restricted Licensure Course Content

Introduction to Teaching
Course topics: effective teaching strategies, lesson planning, classroom management and student motivation. (3 hrs.)

Planning for Instruction
Course topics: curriculum planning, instructional design and best practices, using technology to enhance teaching, addressing state standards. (3 hrs.)

Improving Instruction Through Reading and Writing
Course topics: application of reading and writing strategies useful in teaching all content areas, the use of accommodations to meet the needs of all learners. (3 hrs.)

Working With Diverse and Exceptional Learners
Course topics: learning strategies, research, inclusion practices related to teaching and assisting diverse and exceptional learners. (3 hrs.)

Understanding the Learner
Course topics: human and adolescent development, psychology of learning, learning patterns, brain research related to learning. (3 hrs.)

Becoming a Reflective Teacher
Course topics: developing professional goals and attitudes; professional development; school improvement, teacher reflection. (3 hrs.)

Understanding the Foundations of Education
Course topics: history and philosophy of education, school governance, ethical practices, legal issues important to educational practitioners. (3 hrs.)