Baker Academy

The Baker Academy prepares potential adjunct faculty to become quality online and blended course instructors for Baker University. It also gives Baker administrators an opportunity to get to know potential adjunct instructors in order to determine their fit with Baker University. The Academy covers Baker's standards regarding expectations for course delivery, video use, and best practices in online and blended teaching and learning.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in the online classroom, review standards and expectations for course delivery, become familiar with Baker's best practices and standards rubrics, and view a variety of videos explaining the specifics of Moodle.

Baker Academy Goals

The academy will accomplish the following:

  • Introduce participants to Baker's standards and expectations for online and blended instruction
  • Expose participants to the environment of an online classroom, which will cover communication, technology, scenarios, grades, feedback, assessments and creations
  • Provide participants with best practices and standards for online and blended instruction
  • Provide participants with a variety of videos explaining the specifics of Moodle
  • Explain the importance of module consistency with reference to the four steps involving the metacognitive process

Baker Academy Overview

Baker Academy sessions are scheduled throughout the year. Upon completion of this selection process, candidates will be able to do the following:

  • Demonstrate effective communication
  • Describe their communication plan and approach
  • Identify Moodle's formats for communicating with students
  • Incorporate imagery into a class shell
  • Bring outside resources into a class shell
  • Demonstrate an understanding of best practices in online and blended teaching and learning
  • Implement strategies for working with students
  • Use Moodle in providing feedback to students on assignments
  • Develop content for the week following the metacognitive process for each module

Candidates will begin Baker Academy by completing two weeks of online training in best practice instructional strategies. After these two weeks, candidates will demonstrate instructional strategies in a face-to-face presentation. Upon successful completion of weeks one, two and three, selected candidates will be invited to complete week four of Baker Academy. Week four will consist of a weeklong online orientation to Baker University. This orientation will focus on policies, procedures, resources, and Baker University history.

Selection of Current Faculty for Other Modalities

If current faculty members are interested in teaching in a new modality, faculty should contact the assistant director of Learning Services. The assistant director of Learning Services will review the faculty member's teaching experience and past student and peer evaluations. Selected faculty candidates will then be invited to participate in a selection process and a course observation experience.

Once all steps of faculty review are completed, selected faculty members are eligible to be offered teaching opportunities in the appropriate modality on a course-by-course basis as needed for Baker's various programs.